The Tab presents...

    TabTV - 'Staircase Sessions' and 'A Day in the Life of...'

    12:00, Tue 13th September – Fri 14th October 2011 at Location
    Summer Vacation to Michaelmas Week 1

    TabTV are excited to get cracking on with some new shows this Michealmas Term. We need people both in front of and behind the camera.

    'Staircase Sessions' is a program recording acoustic performances of Cambridge bands followed up with an intimate interview. We need presenters to ask the musicians questions. We also need sound techies, cinematographers and editors.

    'A Day in the Life of' is a new program following the more unusual lives of particular Cambridge students. We need presenters to fearlessly probe our subject's daily life and a full film crew along for the ride. Film editors are also in demand!

    If interested or any questions please email


    Production Team