Behind Closed Doors (part of Anglia Contemporary Theatre)

    00:00, Wed 11th – Fri 13th June 2014 at The Junction Theatre
    Easter Week 7

    Behind Closed Doors Could there be anything better than living with your closest friends in a Mansion, being waited on hand and foot? Perhaps not; but all is not what it seems for this particular group of young people, when they realise they have no idea how they came to be in this house, and have no way to escape. That is until one harmless song and dance leads to a frightening revelation. Join our heroes on their journey to escape this sinister house, as they are tested to their physical, mental and emotional limits in this uniquely dark devised musical.

    Adaption There is a door. There is a key. There is a choice. The Bluebeard legend continues to haunt us in films, stories and images. In this contemporary devised adaptation of Bluebeard each key has one owner, each door awaits the key that fits its lock, and each key-holder must decide whether to confront what lies behind the door, or continue to pretend their ignorance of it.

    Improvisation I can hear a sound, a very small sound, a peculiar small sound. It is coming from me. It is me, making this sound, somewhere below my belt. And it doesn’t stop for days. The aroma of caramelized onion hummus. Caramelized onion hummus. I am having lunch with my cat. I sleep next to strangers on trains. I miss my Afro comb, I left it in my handbag when walking from the train. And then the heavens opened and washed me clean. Look at that handbag! I fall asleep in front of a report, my elbows type random sentences. Mus eple rart fiskekake potet Sunnmorsbunad. Hva er det jeg spor om? Hva vil du ha fra meg?

    Anglia Ruskin is pleased to offer three original devised performances, created by 3rd year Anglia Ruskin drama and performing arts. Tickets can be bought on the door or online at The Junction website by searching Anglia Contemporary Theatre. Each evening will feature to shows. Tuesday 10th - Adaption/Improvisation Wednesday 11th - Musical/Adaption Thursday 12th - Musical/Improvisation


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