Dead Sexy (Short Film)

    09:00, Mon 17th – Fri 21st March 2014 Venue to be confirmed
    Lent Week 9

    'Dead Sexy' is a short horror film inspired by harrowing true events. The story is about Elaina Delicata, a 20-year-old University student studying forensics, specialising in pathology; she is a sociopath who struggles with reoccurring mental battles and episodes of psychosis causing her to have macabre and morbid desires. In order to achieve these desires, Elaina uses her corruptive influence and sex appeal to manipulate her two young and naïve lovers (Ross and Damien); which leads to the three students killing an innocent man, so that Elaina can live out her twisted fantasies of necrophilia...

    If interested in auditioning, please email: for information!


    DAMIEN GOULD Age: 20 Tall lanky build handsome, chiseled face Eye colour: dark brown Hair colour: dark brown & long Facial hair: none Ethnicity: White Partial nudity required

    Damien is a boy into horror films, gore and the morbidity of death and all that entails. He thought he had found a true friend and lover who shared his fascination with death and the other side; but soon found he was in way over his head when her intrigue surpassed even his and she was attracted to and turned on by death and this lead to his innocent downfall.


    ELAINA DELICATA Age: 20 Short Average size Not aesthetically attractive but has an “allure” Eye colour: Any Hair colour: Any Ethnicity: Any Partial nudity required

    Elaina is unstable and psychopathic, yet manages to maintain a very loose grip on reality. She is an incredibly manipulative person, with narcissistic/sociopathic tendencies convincing her lovers to join her in her quest for the ultimate macabre sexual fantasy…

    ROSS BENIGN Age: 24 Tall Stocky build 'A pretty boy' Eye colour: Blue Hair colour: Any (short) Facial hair (beard) Ethnicity: White Partial nudity required

    Ross, as Elaina’s boyfriend attempts to be a loving and caring boy, but due to him being a bit of a “wet blanket”, he only ends up enabling her and her psychopathic tendencies and essentially becomes more of a lackey than a lover.


    Production Team