By Aristophanes

    19:30, Thu 10th – Sat 12th April 2014 at Covent Garden Drama Studio
    Easter Vacation

    Lysistrata is a head strong woman whose aim is to create peace within London. Set within the backdrop of World War II the women are unhappy because their responsibilities have doubled since their men went to play solider. Lysistrata devises a plan and brings all the women together. She proposes that they with-hold sex from their men until they stop the war. The women resist but with some clever persuasion from Lysistrata they agree to take an oath. After this there are many scenes of confrontation highlighting the taunting, teasing and humiliation of each gender in this hilarious clash of wills. Who will succumb to the others power? Will the men ever be brought home? This play is a fun, humorous, playful and creative comedy that connects to a wide range of people with its universal themes and issues.


    Production Team