Dreaming of Leaves - EDINBURGH FRINGE
By Tara Kearney

18:30, Mon 15th August 2016 - Fri 26th August 2016 at theSpace on the Mile (V39)
Summer Vacation

AN APOCALYPTIC VISION OF DISASTER, THRILL, COURAGE, ANTICIPATION, BUT MOST OF ALL, FRIENDSHIP. Dreaming of Leaves is a dystopian imagining which combines music, movement, and lyricism to create a world set in an indefinite future. A strange family rattle around a derelict church at the top of a hill, whilst the rest of earth seems to be submerged under water. All is somewhat peaceful, until nature makes a sudden appearance, an appearance that could unsettle the fabric of their fragile existences. But will it last? An attempt to capture a glimpse of the beauty that is left when all else is gone; let June, Magpie, Otto, and Aladdin take you to a realm often uncannily similar to the place you call home.


Production Team