Into The Woods
By Stephen Sondheim

19:30, Fri 15th – Sat 16th July 2016 at Great Hall at The Leys
Summer Vacation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if fairy tales came true?

This summer they do, with two extraordinary performances of Stephen Sondheim’s masterpiece ‘Into The Woods’ coming to Cambridge.

You don’t have to wish – simply book tickets and enter the woods with us and discover Red Riding Hood and her spirited granny, Jack who tells us of “Giants In The Sky” and Rapunzel who is locked in her own little world. Around the clearing there is a wolf hiding and a witch lurking and a cow milking and Princes searching! A married couple are desperate for a child – how far will they go to get one? What happens too when Cinderella finds her Prince? Jack finds the pot of gold? And the Witch gets her wish? Is it happy ever after?

“Into the woods, each time you go,

There’s more to learn of what you know”

Your wish will only come true by bringing yourself, your family, your friends and any witches you know along to The Leys this July – not once but twice!

See you there!


Production Team