Homerton College presents...

    Niech aktorka umrzeć (Let the Actress Die)
    By Bethan Davidson

    18:00, Thu 3rd March 2016 at Homerton Small Studio
    Lent Week 7

    “Sometimes an unhealthy dream carries us into a land where everything is too tight and contorts and smothers us, since it comes from the time of our youth- young, and yet too old for us, worn out and anachronistic, and there is no suffering to match the suffering of such a dream, such a land (Gombrowicz, 1986, ‘Ferdydurk’)

    The Actress appears in the dressing room with only a suitcase. We know nothing about this character’s past, nor why she has arrived at this particular place. She presents her reality, her dead memory. ‘Let the Actress Die’, a surrealist, absurdist and symbolic piece, exploring the theatre profession, memory, and death.

    The audience will travel with The Actress as she journeys into the sphere of the unremembered, into the depths of the ego.


    The Actress

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