Media Diploma presents...

    2016 Student TV Drama Coursework
    By Tom Woodcock

    09:00, Sun 1st – Wed 18th May 2016 at Various
    Easter Week 1 to Week 3

    We are shooting pilots for 4 scenes from TV drama projects for media diploma TV and Film students. Each project will involve between 3 and 6 hours of filming. We will cover the cost of transport and food.
    All the parts below have speaking roles and will be shot on professional standard digital film equipment under the supervision of a tutor. Each participating actor will receive a copy of the final shoot for their showreel.

    We are looking for several part to be filled:

    Project 1:
    Darklands - Dark police drama with supernatural overtones, set in the fens in the 1990's
    Wednesday 17/ 18th May, Call time: 9am – 1pm Long Road SFC
    Gary Cross (male 30) Police Detective

    Project 2:
    Abroad - Crime drama based around international drug smuggling set across 2 decades.
    Saturday 14th May, Call time: 8am Cambridge or 9am Hartford Regional College, Finish 2pm
    Mary (Female, 30) Unmarried, International drug smuggler

    Project 3:
    Game of Shadows - Crime thriller as retiring cop comes back to save Edinburgh from falling into the hands of a crime lord.
    Thursday 19th May, call time 8am Central Cambridge, finis 11am
    Gary Campbell, 45- 52, Male, Scottish, police detective

    Project 4:
    Elizabeth - Haunting crime drama as the consequences of a 25 year old murder unravels
    Thursday 19th May or Wednesday 10th May
    Mason Collins 47
    Elizabeth ‘Ellie’ Sandra White, 46
    Young Mason: 18 - 22
    Young Elizabeth: 18-22


    Production Team