The Oppression Olympics: London Run
    By Will Penswick, Mark Bittlestone, Will Dalrymple

    19:00, Mon 18th – Fri 22nd December 2017 Venue to be confirmed
    Christmas Vacation

    'A brilliant, tightly crafted piece of writing, full of belly-laughs but with an undercurrent that chills'. (Fringe Review 'Recommended Show')

    Milo, Hayley and Alex go about their lives thinking they have it tough. Milo’s neighbour has died, Alex is gay and Hayley is raising a child on her own. What's worse is that no one cares. Then in walks Ruth, a woman who unquestionably has it worse, and they realise why no one cares. Unless your burden becomes your identity, you’re no one. The impact Ruth has on their lives is colossal, building inexorably towards a bitter confrontation over whose life is truly the worst.

    Making its London debut at The Bread and Roses after a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, The Oppression Olympics is a dark and hilarious tragicomedy that takes an irreverent look at sentimentality and self pity.


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