Conversations With Myself
    By The Cambridge Mask Collective

    19:50, Thu 1st – Sat 17th August 2019 at C Venues Mainspace Theatre
    Summer Vacation

    Friday Evening. Manhattan. 1969.

    Nicholas Payne returns home from a long day on Wall Street. He tries to liberate himself from his unexplained anguish, but what ails him so? All options seem exhausted until his best friend Gino arrives and convinces a frustrated Nicholas to host a party.
    Nicholas changes to greet the guests, but those arriving are in fact the demons of his mind. One by one, they renew the crisis. The inebriated night spirals beyond his control. Hell is empty. The devils are here.

    Conversations with Myself is an innovative piece of new writing devised by the Cambridge Mask Collective: plunge into the depths of the mind of Nicholas Payne. After two nights in Paris, a 4.5* review for the Cambridge run at the Corpus Playrooms, The Cambridge Mask Collective prepares for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


    Production Team

    Producer, Publicity Designer –
    Actor, Writer, Co- Director –
    Co-Director, Sound Designer –
    Lighting Designer, Technical Operator –
    Mask & Set Designer –