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Edinburgh Fringe Show: Magnet Rose- Experience A Story with Tech and Art
By Joy Young

16:00, Sun 18th – Mon 26th August 2019 at C Venue Studio at Johnston Terrace/Royal Mile
Summer Vacation

“Magnet Rose: Experience a Story with Tech and Art” is kicking off the future of interactive shows with technology at Fringe from the prototype show at the 164-year-old Cambridge ADC Theatre while telling a socially and emotionally provocative love story whose ending will be decided by the audience. The show in its 25-minute form and a 20-seat-per-show private setting will provide the greatest fun in the shortest period for the audience, made possible by integrating artistic installation and theatre performance, connected by frontier technology such as Virtual Reality, drone, and hologram. The audience will be able to explore love, physical sensations and sexuality in an equality-based environment for life inspirations. The disruptive experience will also blend the styles of East and West, surrealism and realism, on top of art and technology.


Production Team