Mark & Haydn @ Edinburgh Fringe
By Mark Bittlestone & Haydn Jenkins

16:00, Fri 7th – Mon 31st August 2020 at TBC
Summer Vacation

Sketch comedy described as "brilliant" by their Guardian. Mark: charismatic, gay, alpha male. Haydn: nerdy, “straight”, alpaca male. Mark makes impromptu speeches at friends’ birthdays. Haydn has 27 named pot plants. Mark has a list of ‘good karaoke songs’. Haydn once rebuilt his entire geology faculty from scratch (on Minecraft). The fusion: sophisticated commentary on millennial life. We wish. In reality, self-referential and silly sketch comedy.

“They have snappy scripts, and an eye for subversive deconstruction…Smart comedy operators we can expect to hear more from.” Steve Bennett, Chortle.


Production Team