00:00, Wed 5th – Mon 31st August 2020 at TBC
    Summer Vacation

    Sam is standing on the side of a road, clutching a plastic bag of her stuff in one hand and £47 in the other, staring at her whole future. And a field full of cows.

    Like many ex-prisoners, Sam has just been released into the middle of nowhere; she has no place to go and no way of getting there anyway. She is lost, homeless and totally alone. One foot in front of the other, Sam begins to walk.

    Devised using verbatim material voicing the real experiences of ex-prisoners, ‘Roadside’ follows Sam - and the characters she meets along the way - into the first hour of her life after leaving prison, and explores through humour and real-life testimony what it is to start again with little to no help from the criminal justice and social security systems in the UK today.


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