Visible Poetry Project
By Michelle Cheripka

01:00, Wed 5th February – Thu 30th April 2020 Venue to be confirmed
Lent Week 3 to Easter Week 1

Visible Poetry Project is a nonprofit organization that partners 30 poets with 30 filmmakers to create visual interpretations of original poems. As a team of volunteers, we select and pair these artists in the fall, produce their works in the winter, and release & screen these 30 films in April for the US' National Poetry Month. It's an effort to connect, push the boundaries of genre, and share underrepresented stories. Previous alumni have included Neil Gaiman and Ocean Vuong, and all previous work can be seen at

We're looking for someone or a few people who are interested in taking on leadership roles at Visible Poetry Project in order to help facilitate the production season for the upcoming series being released in April. For more information, please email


Production Team