DIRTY LAUNDRY @ Edinburgh Fringe
    By Meat & Two Veg

    21:55, Fri 5th – Sat 20th August 2022 at Greenside @ Infirmary Street
    Summer Vacation

    Cambridge Footlights Robbie, Emily and Maddie have been living together for a year in harmony…well almost. Robbie hogs the bathroom, Emily never does the dishes, Maddie’s food has grown sentient life ... and did anyone notice that fourth housemate? Join the trio in this hour of wacky sketch and character comedy as they air their own dirty laundry and some others’ along the way. From a battle over who takes round the dreamy neighbour’s parcel, to the vigilante neighbourhood watch WATCH committee, and a milkman with a dark and mysterious past: everything comes out in the wash.

    This show puts an absurdist spin on day-to-day domestics as well as diving into the ‘dirty laundry’ of some whimsical characters. The sketches are a mixture of shorts, character monologue, audience participation and song! It’s a mixed load and a guaranteed bundle of laughs!


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