Fellowship of the Kings
    By Evan Gelion

    20:00, Sun 6th November 2022 at the Blue Moon
    Michaelmas Week 5

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    Welcome all Orcs, dwarves, twinks and men to the drag night to rule them all! Ever found
    Sauron weirdly attractive? Wanted bimbo Bilbo to find a different kind of ring? To ride a
    rider of Rohan? Whether you're a LOTR superfan who argues for days over whether the
    eagles of Manwë could've just flown Frodo to Mordor, or a casual enjoyer of himbo
    hobbits, tonight is for you. The Fellowship of the Kings features performances from 6
    nerdy drag kings on a quest to bring you to the Middle Earth of your dreams. Were open
    to everyone so long as you come on party business, so don't dally and book your ticket for
    a night to rival Bilbo's 111th birthday!


    Production Team