Preston Society Filmmakers presents...

    Lent Short-Film

    08:00, Thu 10th March 2022 Venue to be confirmed
    Lent Week 7

    Submissions are now open for Preston Society Filmmakers' 'Lent Short-Film'! Each term, the society provides funding, equipment and expertise to help create a short-film produced by Cambridge students. We provide high-quality camera and lighting equipment, monetary assistance to help pay for props, costume, location and equipment rental, as well as connecting a community of student filmmakers with a range of different expertise, hoping to help produce the best student cinema possible.

    We'd love to hear your ideas about short-films you'd be interested in making, and we hope we can assist you in doing so.

    If you don't have a short-film idea, but you'd like to be involved in producing a short-film in any role, please get in contact and we'll find a project for you to work on.

    Specific application details can be found following the link below.

    'Lent Short-Film' Application Details:


    Production Team