Queer Scratch Night (Top Surgery Fundraiser)

19:30, Tue 21st June 2022 at Blue Moon
Easter May Week

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Will be updated closer to the time but general content warning for discussion of trans healthcare. Any events with content warnings will be given in between the introduction of acts with ample chance to step out/avoid.

Help fundraise for Top Surgery & enjoy a night of a wide variety of acts including poetry, singing & drag performances.

I’ve been fundraising for top surgery for over 2 years now, doing anything from tutoring, embroidering, tailoring & being annoying on Twitter. The cost of top surgery in this country to go private is ridiculous (£8500 pounds ridiculous, not including hotel stays/trains etc.) & I’m so close to hitting it, with just under a month to go til my surgery date!

Expect this night to be an informal celebration with queer performers including drag, poetry, singing & more. A chance to see some amazing acts, have fun & help me defeat the Evil Villain of Private Trans Healthcare.


Host/Organiser/The One Getting Top Surgery
Long Suffering Gay Sidekick

Production Team