We Go Down With The Ship
    By Helena Kruder and Elizabeth Willey

    16:00, Thu 28th – Fri 29th April 2022 at Homerton College Studio
    Easter Week 0

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    Discussion of anxiety, pregnancy and cancer.


    ‘We Go Down With The Ship’ follows 5 characters navigating the future of our planet, each embodying a particular reaction to the climate emergency. Using verbatim scenes, political satire and dialogue the play draws on eco poetry, movement sequences and existential thought processes while trying to stay solution orientated. By taking a de-colonial perspective we bring to light stories that have been largely silenced.

    We are looking for actors interested in the climate crisis who want to explore these issues through theatre to perform in our Drama paper exam performance at Homerton College.

    Must be available for rehearsals in Week 0 of Easter term.

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