Cambridge University Italian Society presents...

    I Giganti della Montagna (The Mountain Giants)
    By Luigi Pirandello

    19:00, Fri 1st March 2024 at Palmerston room, Fisher Building (St John's College)
    16:00, Sat 2nd March 2024 at Palmerston room, Fisher Building (St John's College)
    19:00, Sat 2nd March 2024 at Palmerston room, Fisher Building (St John's College)
    Lent Week 6

    The Cambridge University Italian Society presents I Giganti della Montagna (The Mountain Giants) by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Ludovico Nolfi - head of Ars in fieri international theatre company.

    Dive into the enchanting world of I Giganti della Montagna, an unfinished theatrical masterpiece from the Trilogy of Myths. This whimsical comedy unfolds at Villa della Scalogna (Misfortune Villa), where a quirky theatre troupe encounters the Scalognati (the Unfortunates), a group of outcasts led by the wizard Cotrone. Cotrone, with his power to bring dreams to life, transforms the villa into a magical setting, offering the actors a stage at the wedding of the Mountain Giants. In this dreamscape, Pirandello explores the magical nature of theatre, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, and the clash between the actors and the people from the “real” world.

    Luigi Pirandello (1867 –1936) was an Italian dramatist, novelist, poet, and short story writer. He was awarded the 1934 Nobel Prize in Literature for "his almost magical power to turn psychological analysis into good theatre." Pirandello's works include novels, hundreds of short stories, and about 40 plays, some of which are written in Sicilian dialect. Pirandello's tragic farces are often seen as forerunners of the Theatre of the Absurd.

    The performance will be played in Italian, with English captions displayed live, by a diverse cast of native and non-native Italian speakers.

    Online ticket sales ends at 12pm on each show date. Tickets are also available at the door 20 min before each show.

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    Imparerai a tue spese che nel lungo tragitto della vita incontrerai tante maschere e pochi volti.

    You will learn to your cost that on the long journey of life you will meet many masks and few faces.

    —Luigi Pirandello

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