Questing Voles presents...

Piracy! Comedy On the High Cs- Edinburgh 2019!

12:10, Sun 18th – Sat 24th August 2019 at theSpace@ Surgeons Hall, Nicolson St, Edinburgh
Summer Vacation

Hoist the mainsails and prepare for a thoroughly ridiculous adventure. Blackbeard meets Blackadder with villainous accents, absurdly catchy songs, disguises, intrepid damsels, captains in distress... wait, is that right? The pirates are determined to defeat the stuffy Royal Navy, find the lost Infanta of Spain and buckle every swash in sight. Meanwhile, hapless Captain Trumpeter and his bold (if slightly soprano) first officer are far more concerned about a visiting admiral and his beautiful daughter. Oh well, splice the mainbrace! 'An uproarious hour of nautical naughtiness' ( 'A real treat' (


Production Team