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BAWDS 07:59 on 21st December Twitter

Bawds newsletter extra – new Christmas podcasts now online -…

BAWDS 07:59 on 1st December Twitter

Bawds newsletter – November 2020 -…

BAWDS 08:00 on 1st November Twitter

Bawds newsletter – November 2020 -…

BAWDS 09:59 on 1st September Twitter

Bawds newsletter – September 2020 -…

BAWDS 11:35 on 6th May Twitter

Bawds YouTube channel now has six full length past productions uploaded:…

BAWDS 09:51 on 17th March Twitter

To all Bawds followers and anyone with tickets to Bleak House, please see notice below from ADC Theatre. To confirm: Bleak House is cancelled - the ADC will be refunding all ticket monies. We hope to put the show back on in the future, so will announce future plans in due course.…

BAWDS 18:59 on 16th March Twitter

Bawds Special Newsletter – Bleak House Cancellation -…

BAWDS 09:57 on 14th March Twitter

'Bleak House' features Harold Skimpole 'he had no idea of time and no idea of money...He was a mere child in the world, but he didn’t cry for the moon.’ @adctheatre March 31-April 4. Tickets:

BAWDS 10:36 on 13th March Twitter

Bleak House @adctheatre March 31-April 4. Tickets:
Featuring Mr Gridley ‘a man of a robust will and surprising energy – intellectually speaking, a sort of inharmonious blacksmith’

BAWDS 11:24 on 12th March Twitter

'Bleak House' @adctheatre March 31-April 4. Introducing Miss Flite: ‘the little crazy old lady . . . she was as reasonable a little creature in consulting the convenience of others as there possibly could be.’ Tickets:

BAWDS 20:25 on 11th March Twitter

Bleak House @adctheatre features Mrs Jellyby ‘a lady of very remarkable strength of character who devotes herself entirely to the public.’ March 31-April 4. Tickets:

BAWDS 15:31 on 10th March Twitter

'Bleak House' @adctheatre March 31-April 4. Featuring Ken Eason as Mr Tangle, who ‘knows more of Jarndyce and Jarndyce than anybody’. Tickets:

BAWDS 10:42 on 9th March Twitter

'Bleak House' @adctheatre March 31-April 4. Introducing Mr Neckett 'He was never tired of watching...He'd set upon a post at a street corner eight or ten hours at a stretch if he undertook to do it.'

BAWDS 15:37 on 5th March Twitter

Bleak House is @adctheatre March 31- April 4. Tickets:… Featuring Mrs Skimpole: 'she had once been a beauty but was now a delicate high-nosed invalid suffering under a complication of disorders'

BAWDS 09:34 on 29th February Twitter

Who or what are Simon and Claire hiding from? 'White Lies' by @ShearmanRobert at Sawston Drama Festival March 20 and @WF_Theatre_Fest March 21.

BAWDS 10:29 on 20th February Twitter

Our next @adctheatre production is 'Bleak House', featuring a wonderful range of characters, including Allan Woodcourt ‘The kindest physician in the college . . .so cheery, so fresh, so sensible, so earnest.’ March 31-April 4.

BAWDS 10:20 on 20th February Twitter

Looking forward to this! Closing the festival on Saturday night – be great to see some Bawds supporters there. White Lies is funny, touching, thought-provoking and written by @ShearmanRobert Directed by @seaninover…

BAWDS 15:56 on 10th February Twitter

Looking forward to performing @WF_Theatre_Fest on March 21 with our production of 'White Lies' by @ShearmanRobert

BAWDS 07:59 on 1st February Twitter

Bawds newsletter – February 2020 -…

BAWDS 09:31 on 29th January Twitter

Our spring production is Dickens' Bleak House and is @adctheatre from March 31-April 4. Tickets:
'...members of the High Court of Chancery mistily engaged in one of the ten thousand stages of an endless cause...'

BAWDS 10:36 on 6th December Twitter

Beep, beep! Driving a car Wind in the Willows style! @adctheatre next week, Tues-Sat. Tickets from…


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