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BAWDS 08:01 on 1st February Twitter

Bawds newsletter – February 2019 -…

BAWDS 11:26 on 29th January Twitter

Thomas Becket has arrived in Cambridge and doesn’t appear too happy about our next production! Please friend Thomas and share his posts for...…

BAWDS 09:16 on 7th January Twitter

'Crimes Against Christmas' this week at the @corpusplayroom Friday and Saturday sold out, but still a few left for Tuesday-Thursday!

BAWDS 10:28 on 4th January Twitter

'Crimes Against Christmas' @adctheatre Jan 8-11 (Saturday sold out!) Tickets from:… 'Agatha Christie meets the 12 Days of Christmas'

BAWDS 10:50 on 2nd January Twitter

Opening in six days time: 'Crimes Against Christmas' described as 'fun, fast and very silly' by Tickets from:…

BAWDS 07:52 on 1st December Twitter

Bawds newsletter – December 2018 -…

BAWDS 06:59 on 1st December Twitter

Bawds newsletter – November 2018 -…

BAWDS 15:23 on 30th November Twitter

Our next production is 'Crimes Against Christmas', an antidote to panto @corpusplayroom Jan 8-12. It's a fast-moving feast of murderous fun!
Tickets from:…

BAWDS 19:25 on 1st November Twitter

Bawds newsletter – November 2018 -…

BAWDS 14:32 on 18th October Twitter

Daisy Johnson - Booker-shortlisted, author of Everything Under & Fen

BAWDS 07:59 on 1st September Twitter

Bawds newsletter – September 2018 -…

BAWDS 12:58 on 1st August Twitter

Bawds newsletter – August 2018 (Revised) -…

BAWDS 10:06 on 13th July Twitter

'War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast' is sold out for tonight, but still a handful of tickets left for Saturday night!

BAWDS 10:55 on 11th July Twitter

'War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast' is on this week @corpusplayroom

BAWDS 16:27 on 10th July Twitter

War of the World: The Panic Broadcast opens tonight. -…


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