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Join us for radio drama and comedy, written by and for members of the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University.

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Cam FM 16:08 on 23rd September Twitter

Don't miss out Cicely Norman's interview with Johnny Davis @britishfencing at 8pm tonight on Sports and Songs 😲🤺
If you've missed her interview with Chloe Bracewell last week from @BritishCanoeing you can check it out here: 🚣🏾‍♀️

Cam FM 10:53 on 22nd September Twitter

This time last year we were getting ready to welcome lots of new Freshers at the @AngliaRuskinSU Fresher's Fair! Sadly, we won't be standing proud this year but when you get a sudden urge to join us, head over to to find out more! 📻

Cam FM 16:03 on 20th September Twitter

It’s the last episode! If you haven’t heard this important and thought-provoking series, you can catch all the previous episodes at…, before tuning in tonight at 7pm for the finale.…

Cam FM 22:09 on 18th September Twitter

#NewMusicFriday 🎵📻

It’s Friday! Who’s ready for the weekend? We’ve got the soundtrack for you, crafted by our Head of Music, @g_scourfield.

Feat. @Sunflower_Bean @vulfpeck @JorjaSmith @DeclanMcKenna @taylorswift13 @billieeilish @AngelOlsen @fontainesdublin @shamebanduk.

Cam FM 16:53 on 4th September Twitter


As always, this week's Cam FM playlist is specially crafted by our Head of Music, @g_scourfield. Including a classic of Welsh pop!

Feat. @PublicEnemyFTP, @billieeilish, @JorjaSmith, @DeclanMcKenna, @taylorswift13, @AngelOlsen & @fontainesdublin

Cam FM 16:13 on 2nd September Twitter

Sports and Songs is back for a new series at 8pm tonight, and we're celebrating with a star-studded @Olympics and @Paralympics special!

Cicely is marking when #Tokyo2020 should have been and looking forward to the return of the Games next year with two high-profile interviews.

Cam FM 12:49 on 1st September Twitter

At 5pm The Punctured Bicycle Show brings you 90 mins of 90s masterpieces.

This week, Uma's indie time machine is landing in the 1990s. Alt-rock, grunge, Britpop and more - plus her controversial take on the infamous Oasis vs Blur showdown. As big as Knebworth ‘96. Mad fer it?

Cam FM 10:39 on 31st August Twitter

A cracker of a show coming up - is the place to be at 11am.…

Cam FM 11:10 on 30th August Twitter

This is not to be missed.

Tonight at 7pm at…

Cam FM 12:44 on 28th August Twitter


Check out what’s on our must-listen playlists this week, chosen by our Head of Music, @g_scourfield.

Feat. @billieeilish, @JorjaSmith, @DeclanMcKenna, @taylorswift13, @originalkoffee, @LizstokedStokes, @AngelOlsen & @fontainesdublin

What tracks would you add?

Cam FM 15:58 on 23rd August Twitter

New show at 7pm tonight! What links the slave trade, scientific research and museum collections?

At 7pm on, @ellagracehenry (@CamZoology) & @Tjlxo_ (@CambPsych) will be delving into this legacy and the way it still affects research today.…

Cam FM 10:37 on 21st August Twitter

It's #NewMusicFriday, so you know what that means...

Time for this week's top tracks, picked by our Head of Music, @g_scourfield!

Feat. @DeclanMcKenna, @JorjaSmith, @billieeilish, @taylorswift13, @originalkoffee, @LizstokedStokes, @phoebe_bridgers, @fontainesdublin & @SYBSband.

Cam FM 20:48 on 20th August Twitter

It’s the turn of our Broadcast Journalism Consultant, @MerelCvSchooten, for today’s #TakeoverThursday. Head over to our Insta stories to ask her anything. We promise she’s much livelier today than in the photo below.

Cam FM 17:57 on 19th August Twitter

Both branding and show are👌

Don’t miss it. 7pm tonight.…

Cam FM 12:35 on 19th August Twitter

Wonder what broadcasting in lockdown is like? A few of our presenters talk about it here. Check it out! @ChatwGeorge @Eleanor_Bladon…

Cam FM 11:56 on 13th August Twitter

You heard it, Cam FM = “best thing I ever did”.…

Cam FM 11:13 on 13th August Twitter

Who’s #ComingToCambridge or #ComingToARU and wants to get involved in radio? 🎧

We'd LOVE to meet our new freshers, so say hi in the comments!

Cam FM is the student radio station for @Cambridge_Uni and @AngliaRuskin - check us out at


Cam FM 18:54 on 12th August Twitter

Tune in to The Sam Holloway Show at 7pm! You'll either hear great music or the live sound of a home studio melting. Both sound like pretty exciting experiences.…

Cam FM 21:43 on 6th August Twitter

Head to our Insta stories now and ask our Online Consultant, @JacobJBaldwin, anything! We love a good #TakeoverThursday.…

Cam FM 16:45 on 6th August Twitter

Yet again @ChatwGeorge gives us the goods - big names talking about big issues. Tune in tomorrow at 9am on wherever you are.…

Cam FM 18:49 on 3rd August Twitter

We're VERY excited to announce that we have a new logo - we hope you love it!

We recently celebrated 40 years as a society & October marks 10 years since our first broadcasts on 97.2FM, so with this rebranding we're getting ready to celebrate!

@AngliaRuskin @Cambridge_Uni @SRA

Cam FM 10:21 on 1st August Twitter

Such an important episode. If you missed it, make sure you catch it again here:……

Cam FM 22:19 on 23rd July Twitter

Want the scoop from our news desk? Eliza Pepper, our Head of News, is doing today's #TakeoverThursday on our Insta stories. Head over there now and ask her anything!

Cam FM 19:07 on 19th July Twitter

Happy birthday to our friends at @cambridge105! Here’s to the next 10 years and beyond!…

Cam FM 13:37 on 19th July Twitter

Luce Women (@luce_women) is back tonight at 8pm! Join @lucie_rich99 as she chats to @Issyflower about women in comedy. Here's a little teaser to get you excited for the full interview.

Cam FM 11:23 on 19th July Twitter

Despite the limitations of lockdown, the support of Cambridge students for Black Lives Matter has been impactful. (1/4)


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