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Streaming on 97.2 FM and online, Cam FM is Cambridge's student radio station.

Join us for radio drama and comedy, written by and for members of the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University.

Originally founded in 1979, Cam FM streams original content covering all strands of music, speech and entertainment, all-day and all year round, both across Cambridge on 97.2 FM and online at We make up to 100 hours of shows each week available to listen on demand.

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Cam FM 11:30 on 6th April Twitter

Sentient prime numbers, a noble knight on a Great Quest for the Crown, a polyamorous turtleneck, an explosion-hazard goose and many more such classics can be found in this absurd radio sketch show.

On Cam FM today at 2pm!

Cam FM 23:33 on 25th March Twitter

MASSIVE interview on Cam FM tomorrow thanks to @cicely_sports - make sure you tune in !!…

Cam FM 21:25 on 23rd March Twitter

This week we are taking part in #CambridgeCompanions week alongside @cambridge105 and some fab other stations.

Tune in throughout the week to hear reflections on and solutions to loneliness and isolation.

To find out more visit:

Cam FM 21:10 on 23rd March Twitter


we now have a dedicated Cam FM sports account on twitter run by our fab Head of Sport Cicely!

stop what you're doing and go and follow @cicely_sports !! 🕺🕺

Cam FM 16:35 on 22nd March Twitter

WE HIT £1000!!!!!!

HUGE thanks to everyone for donating!!

the fundraiser is still open, let's see how high we can go!

Cam FM 22:47 on 21st March Twitter

a message from the almighty @Eleanor_Bladon 📻

MASSIVE thanks to everyone for your support of the 24 hour charity broadcast for @StudentMindsCam !!!!

HELP US REACH £1000 👇👇

Cam FM 11:59 on 21st March Twitter

PUSH TO £1000 !!

we're nearing the end of the broadcast, but we're keeping going until we hit £1000 on the fundraiser for @StudentMindsCam !!!


Cam FM 11:01 on 21st March Twitter


please donate if you can as we head into the final hour of our 24 hour Charity Broadcast!! 😮😮

Cam FM 10:09 on 21st March Twitter

from now until 11:00...

it's Jacob's Northern Soul Special!

not long left of the 24 hour broadcast, but still enough time to get your donations in for Student Minds!

Cam FM 23:51 on 20th March Twitter

Let's rock 🤟

marking half way through our 24 hour charity broadcast for Student Minds, it's the Actual Mental Health Show (Rock Edition)!

Cam FM 22:59 on 20th March Twitter

we're almost halfway through the 24 hour charity broadcast!

up next is a very special edition of Sports and Songs featuring an interview with lockdown hero Joe Wicks!

Cam FM 22:06 on 20th March Twitter

A very Cambridge panel show...

Two Truths, One Camfession!

Tune in now 📻

Cam FM 21:01 on 20th March Twitter

Do you believe in 'The Awesome Power Of Music'?


Tune in to Cam FM now to listen and donate!

Cam FM 20:06 on 20th March Twitter

it's TOUCHDOWN time on Cam FM for the next hour!

Cam FM 19:01 on 20th March Twitter

Changing the political landscape for the next hour, it's Monster Raving Louis' Party!

Cam FM 18:02 on 20th March Twitter

Next up we have The Film Score!

Let yourself be captivated by movie magic for the next hour 🍿

Cam FM 17:00 on 20th March Twitter

it's Queer Hour time!!

on now from 5-6 🏳️‍🌈

Cam FM 16:05 on 20th March Twitter

Up next from 4-5, we hear from the wonderful @StudentMindsCam about their work!

Cam FM 15:00 on 20th March Twitter

Next up from 3-4...

Happy Hour Goes Global !! 🌎

Cam FM 14:02 on 20th March Twitter

On now from 2-3...


Cam FM 11:58 on 20th March Twitter

Up first from 12-2...

Boogie Over Breakfast With Maz and Tom!

Cam FM 11:45 on 20th March Twitter


Cam FM 15:48 on 5th March Twitter

Listen to our current Station Manager @Eleanor_Bladon chat to @helenscales, marine biologist, broadcaster, writer, and (most importantly of all?!) Cam FM alumna!…

Cam FM 21:14 on 7th January Twitter

We love this video and hearing from our alums! @samholloway (and Cam FM) also got a mention in The Guardian for this:…

Want to hear more of Sam in action? Tune in to The Sam Holloway Show on Wednesdays at 7pm on Cam FM!…

Cam FM 18:10 on 5th January Twitter

What a great opportunity to be joined by an alumnus with so much great advice and inspiration to give - thanks @DJChrisBerrow!…

Cam FM 14:58 on 18th November Twitter

Lockdown Science returns tonight at 8pm! Tune in at 8pm for @Eleanor_Bladon and @Andrew_Bladon's lighthearted take on this week’s COVID-free science news, feat. dangerous wombat bums, avian electoral fraud, hyperloop testing, arachnophobic entomologists, and exoplanet surveys.


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