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CAST, the Cambridge University American Stage Tour, was founded in 1999 with the aim of producing an annual Shakespearian tour of the East Coast of the United States of America with a small group of Cambridge's most talented actors and technicians. CAST also provides the opportunity for American students and young people to participate in workshops, as a way of introducing them to Shakespeare or building on the knowledge they already have.

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Cambridge American Stage Tour 11:29 on 12th October Twitter

Adriana as she realises there are only TWO shows left of the run 😧
Antipholus when he hears that you still haven’t got your tickets yet! 😒

The Comedy of Errors is on TWICE today, at 2.30pm and 7.45pm!! Get your tickets now:

📸 @creativeonions

Cambridge American Stage Tour 11:34 on 11th October Twitter

It might not technically be a preview any more, since we’re on our 4th show, but our @VarsityUK preview is live!
See what @Lauracameron7L has to say about a show where ‘no two productions were ever the same’ here!

Cambridge American Stage Tour 12:10 on 10th October Twitter

We just wanna, we just wanna 🎉

Another day, another wonderful show! And we get to do it again and again all through this week. Make sure you snap up your tickets at before they’re all gone 🎉

📸 @creativeonions
📝 @TCSNewspaper
@adctheatre #CAST2019

Cambridge American Stage Tour 18:37 on 9th October Twitter

Thank you @tcsnewspaper for the 5⭐️ review!! 😍😍😍 What a way to kick off our home run - and we’re doing it all again tonight 🎉 tickets are still available for tonight’s 7.45 show, so what are you waiting for?? @adctheatre

Cambridge American Stage Tour 17:02 on 9th October Twitter

We had such an amazing opening night last night, thank you to everyone for being such an amazing first audience! While we wait to see what they thought, here are some impressions from our audiences elsewhere.
We’re on again tonight at 7:45pm 🎉🎉🎉

Cambridge American Stage Tour 12:45 on 8th October Twitter

We open tonight!! Did we mention there are a couple dance numbers in the show?
The show went down a treat in the US and the Cayman Islands and we are so excited for our home audiences to see it. GIF by our wonderful director @JessDoch…

Cambridge American Stage Tour 20:07 on 7th October Twitter

1/3 Angelo, listening to you explain how you’ll ‘just get your tickets on the door’.
@ADCTicketing @ollie2897

Cambridge American Stage Tour 10:31 on 7th October Twitter

Want to get a sneak peek at the show before opening night? Lucky for you our stage manager
@totesriddikulus has been documenting the entire tour, with tons of BTS footage! Check the videos out here, and then get your tickets @adctheatre!…

Cambridge American Stage Tour 09:49 on 6th October Twitter

We’re (mostly) recovered from our jet lag, and joining the rest of @cambridgeuniversity moving back in for the new term today! What better way to spruce up your freshers week than coming to see our show!
Don’t miss out!

Cambridge American Stage Tour 18:20 on 4th October Twitter

Well, we’re back in good ol England! Our cast and crew have a few days off before prep starts for the @adctheatre home run, and the rest is very well deserved. See you all soon! 🎉 #cast2019 #cambridgeamericanstagetour

Cambridge American Stage Tour 14:41 on 2nd October Twitter

We’re sweaty and sunburned and so so tired, but we did an entire tour!! In a few short days we’ll be back in the UK to start our home run on 8th Oct at @adctheatre 🎉

Thank you to everyone who has come to see our shows this month - it’s been wonderful xox

Cambridge American Stage Tour 18:00 on 22nd September Twitter

Just an hour and a half until our show at the @gamut_theatre (in conjunction with @harrisburgacad) - don’t miss out!…

Cambridge American Stage Tour 17:18 on 20th September Twitter

Feel like you’re missing out on all the fun? Never fear! Tickets are available now for our home run at @adctheatre October 8th-12th 🎉 🎉
Find out why Gabe and James look so distressed, and ease your fomo xox

Cambridge American Stage Tour 16:34 on 16th September Twitter

Goodbye Little Washington!

Thank you so much to the @Theatre291 for hosting us, and all of our fabulous host families for welcoming us into their homes for the last few days.
We’ll miss you all, but can’t wait to start our next adventure at @FrostburgState 🎉

Cambridge American Stage Tour 20:45 on 2nd September Twitter

CAST 2019 are sorry to announce that, as a result of the approaching hurricane Dorian, we are unable to fly out to Miami tomorrow morning as planned. More info here:…

Cambridge American Stage Tour 11:51 on 21st August Twitter

🌊⚓️ Interestingly the face of horror one might make while being shipwrecked is almost exactly the same as the one prompted by people who haven’t bought their ticket to the CAST 2019 preview at the @adctheatre yet! Funny that!
August 30th:…

Cambridge American Stage Tour 19:37 on 16th August Twitter

We hope you’re as excited as we are to get started on the tour! Check out our full route here, spanning the entire east coast of America, and dipping down to the Cayman Islands! 💖
Full list on Instagram:…

Cambridge American Stage Tour 18:34 on 15th August Twitter

Want to avoid getting one of these looks from Jamie and Anna? Better get your tickets to our @adctheatre preview sharpish!
Friday August 30th, 7.45pm.
Tickets: £9-£13

Cambridge American Stage Tour 17:43 on 15th August Twitter

We now have a shiny new Facebook event for our preview show on August 30th! Come and see our fab show before we jet off to the US 🎉 @adctheatre @Cambridge_Uni…

Cambridge American Stage Tour 16:29 on 14th August Twitter

Live on this side of the pond? Don’t fret! You can see our show before we head off to America at our @adctheatre preview! Join Antipholus, Antipholus, Dromio and Dromio on Friday 30 August for some mistaken identity highjinks 🎉
Tickets available now -

Cambridge American Stage Tour 20:12 on 12th August Twitter

Our first full week of rehearsals are done, our cast is well rested from a weekend off, and the rest of our crew are on their way! It’s all go at camp CAST this week - so stay tuned for even more exciting BTS content on insta

Cambridge American Stage Tour 14:13 on 31st July Twitter

Here it is, our beautiful poster for CAST 2019: The Comedy of Errors!
Keep up to date with all the BTS goings on as the cast and crew return to Cambridge for rehearsals this week here, on insta, and on our jazzy new website -

Cambridge American Stage Tour 18:16 on 30th July Twitter

Coming soon: #CAST2019 !
You can also follow us on insta for all the #bts cast content ~

Cambridge American Stage Tour 10:36 on 30th July Twitter

#NewProfilePic - stay tuned over the next few days for more exciting announcements about the 2019 tour! #CAST19 @Cambridge_Uni

Cambridge American Stage Tour 20:03 on 26th August Twitter

Our production designer is "in awe"! ????????????????????

Cambridge American Stage Tour 12:50 on 24th August Twitter

Set construction in progress in the Larkum Studio ????????????

Cambridge American Stage Tour 21:29 on 22nd August Twitter

This evening we are set painting, all for your delight


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