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Cambridge Greek Play Committee 12:34 on 21st October Twitter

"As ever, The Cambridge Greek Play, this year directed by Daniel Goldman with original music by Alex Silverman, is a privilege to see. The entire cast has great stage presence."…

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 12:30 on 21st October Twitter

1/2 "The fine balance between authenticity and modern appeal seemed here to be perfectly struck. Where the former half of the double bill certainly had to grapple with the far trickier task of breathing life into a tragedy that seems to retain the very.."…

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 10:04 on 20th October Twitter

Preview of the Greek play... shows started yesterday, get your tickets before they sell out!!…

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 18:51 on 18th October Twitter

Derek (SM) says that the play was intended to be experienced as a performance, and is much more powerful in this medium than when it is read - as with all drama, its true place is on the stage not the script #interviews

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 18:48 on 18th October Twitter

Actor Zoe explains how powerful it is to incorporate the the chorus, with such a uniform structure, abiding to the traditions of ancient greek theatre, a rarity in modern day interpretations #interviews

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 18:40 on 18th October Twitter

Lucia (AD of Persians) expressed a hope that the audience would focus less on the subtitles and tune in to the actors movements, rhythms, and visible emotions. The play relates notions of mass loss and grieving, which Director Dan felt relevant to a post-covid audience #interview

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 18:32 on 18th October Twitter

Actor Zoe spoke to us about the impact of acting in ancient Greek, a language she doesn't understand; it pushed her to explore expressing feelings in a different way, and to realise that communication is about more than just words. #interviews

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 18:17 on 18th October Twitter

Stage Manager Derek is enjoying the challenge of the Greek Play - it is unlike any other play they have worked on. Weirdest request they received: how to make gloopy Cyclops cum #interviews #backstage

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 18:14 on 18th October Twitter

Lucia, Assistant Director of the Persians says she was interested in the play as it allows audiences to see the development of theatre through the perspective of Aeschylus... it is less action packed, but more raw and static #interviews #backstage

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 16:58 on 16th October Twitter

Only 3 more days until all the hard work pays off! Come see our amazing actors in a double bill of Persians and Cyclops for this Cambridge Greek Play - tickets on sale and going fast!!!! Can't wait to see as many of you there as possible....

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 12:54 on 24th October Twitter

If you missed the programmes at the Arts Theatre which sold out before the end of the run, fear not! The website now has a copy for your perusal and enjoyment:…

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 08:36 on 21st October Twitter

TRAGICALLY our time has now come to an end. Thank you so much to everyone who saw Oedipus at Colonus (and for all your super lovely messages!) We’ve had the best year... see you in 2021 👀

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 17:48 on 18th October Twitter

The reviews are in!! Only three more chances left to see this FIVE STAR show... tickets are selling out for this “must see” show.

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 00:45 on 18th October Twitter

We had our post show talk today, with @jmbwallace1, @danielkgoldman, Xavier Velastin and some of our wonderful cast. Dan talked about why he pitched Oedipus, while the cast got quizzed by audience members on their tragic metres! A fab evening all in all, only 4 shows left...

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 20:47 on 17th October Twitter

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 five whole stars!! Tickets are SELLING OUT tomorrow, so buy fast!…

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 18:57 on 17th October Twitter

Molly designed our trailer and has been our wonderful sound comms during the show!…

Cambridge Greek Play Committee 13:20 on 17th October Twitter

The first review is in! Do give it a read to find out who the smoothie of the cast is...…


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