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Camdram 20:13 on 31st August Twitter

We've just released a new feature into limited availability - custom role tagging. Useful for those people with millions of Camdram credits to help delimit their profiles!

Camdram 18:33 on 14th June Twitter

New release just deployed with exciting new features - you can now set a custom colour for your shows, societies and venues! 🎉

Camdram 14:47 on 2nd June Twitter

We believe the email issues from earlier have now been resolved. Emails are now being processed normally and we are taking steps to prevent this kind of incident from happening again in the future. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Camdram 11:54 on 2nd June Twitter

We're investigating problems with email delivery from the past few weeks.

Camdram 07:00 on 1st April Twitter

Here at Camdram we care about the balance between students' work and theatre, so we're excited to announce: DoS mode! Your directors of study and tutors can get real-time updates on how much time you spend on shows, and an end-of-term report! Try it now:

Camdram 22:18 on 24th March Twitter

This evening, we reached 1,600 commits on the Camdram GitHub repository! 🎉🎉

Camdram 13:53 on 27th February Twitter

As you may know, we recently updated our Privacy Policy and introduced new User Guidelines. TL;DR content on Camdram should be both legal and relevant, and you MUST obtain consent before adding someone’s name as a cast/crew/band member

Camdram 21:18 on 23rd February Twitter

During a new software release today we discovered a major issue with our email delivery system. We are currently working through the backlog of some 900 emails dating from several days. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Camdram 16:15 on 22nd January Twitter

The latest version of Camdram has fixed a few time zone bugs experienced when adding auditions. Let us know if you continue to experience any issues! 🔥🚫🐛

Camdram 20:52 on 7th January Twitter

Thanks for bearing with us! Camdram is now back online, running #PHP 7.3 and we've fixed some security issues. You can now format show descriptions and audition posts in #markdown!

Camdram 20:06 on 7th January Twitter

We’re currently performing some maintenance on Camdram – back soon!

Camdram 09:52 on 19th December Twitter

We are aware of issues when viewing a person’s Camdram profile. We will resolve as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Camdram 20:36 on 8th December Twitter

The latests version of Camdram now supports shows with multiple societies, as well as a small festive treat! -CJ

Camdram 12:33 on 2nd December Twitter

New Camdram release v2.58. Contains mainly administration fixes, but we've also improved iCal, JSON and XML views of the diary page.… -PH

Camdram 09:06 on 22nd November Twitter

Camdram is having a small meet-up at the ADC Bar tomorrow evening. We’re after your thoughts/opinions on our roadmap for new features/enhancements!

Whether you’re a programmer or not, we’d love to meet you and get better insight into how the site is used by the theatre community

Camdram 22:52 on 19th November Twitter

Site search is now functioning normally. Apologies for any inconvenience!

Camdram 22:31 on 19th November Twitter

We are having some site search issues following a deployment just now and are working to resolve.

Camdram 22:27 on 19th November Twitter

Our maps now use data from @openstreetmap . Plus other fixes:… -PH

Camdram 20:58 on 14th November Twitter

The team behind Camdram will be in the ADC bar on the 23rd – next Friday – during panto. If you're interested in getting involved or you'd like to learn more about how we run the site, head on down!

Camdram 15:45 on 14th November Twitter

The issues we were experiencing have now been resolved - apologies for any inconvenience!

Camdram 15:14 on 14th November Twitter

Camdram is currently unavailable and we are investigating

Camdram 18:34 on 12th November Twitter

The previous issues regarding email delivery have now been resolved! ☺️ Apologies for any inconvenience. -CJ

Camdram 18:03 on 12th November Twitter

We are investing issues with email delivery from Camdram. -CJ

Camdram 12:43 on 10th November Twitter

From 18:30 this evening, Camdram will be unavailable for a period of about an hour whilst we carry out essential system upgrades. Further details:

Camdram 21:21 on 5th November Twitter

New release this evening - we're now running Camdram version 2.56! 🤓💻

Camdram 22:06 on 30th October Twitter

All background maintenance tasks have now finished. Please let us know if you experience any issues. -CJ

Camdram 20:40 on 30th October Twitter

We are currently performing some background maintenance which is resulting in higher than normal system load. You may experience slow page load times as a result. Apologies for any inconvenience. -CJ

Camdram 00:57 on 28th October Twitter

The scheduled maintenance has now been finished and Camdram should be fully available once more. Let us know if anything seems awry. -CJ

Camdram 17:52 on 27th October Twitter

Reminder: Camdram will be unavailable for a short period of time this evening starting at midnight. Apologies for any inconvenience. -CJ

Camdram 07:47 on 21st October Twitter

We've released a new version of Camdram yesterday that fixes some issues when printing sign-in sheets, as well as bringing some updated layout changes. -CJ


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