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Camdram 09:42 on 4th September Twitter

The search bar on Android should now be working. Let us know if there are any further issues as this may be something that varies between devices. GB.

Camdram 09:54 on 3rd September Twitter

We’re aware of an issue with the search bar when viewed on an Android device which was introduced by the release yesterday. Details:… -CJ

Camdram 15:17 on 26th August Twitter

Another release today! Some bug fixes, a new People page and you can now jump straight to the diary entry for a show's performance dates. -PH

Camdram 23:00 on 18th August Twitter

We fixed a few issues earlier today relating to e-mail and Twitter images. -CJ

Camdram 22:52 on 11th August Twitter

Another new release this evening, this time targeting a few social media regressions. We've also improved our visibility of errors as/when they happen so we can continue to bring you bug fixes in the future. -CJ

Camdram 10:16 on 6th August Twitter

New release today 🖥🎉 We've fixed issues with the site footer and the 'This time...' section on the homepage. You can also now retrieve show posters via the API! 🎭 -CJ

Camdram 18:41 on 5th August Twitter

We're aware of issues with Google Maps on Camdram. We've been caught out by…. We will likely migrate to a different platform in the near future and will post updates at… -PH

Camdram 14:56 on 5th August Twitter

We have recently disabled any user accounts that haven't been used for 2 years. This shouldn't affect any active users but the "Forgotten Password" tool can be used to regain access if you've been affected. -PH

Camdram 10:58 on 25th July Twitter

We are about to carry out some server maintenance. You may experience a short interruption lasting a moment or two -CJ

Camdram 16:16 on 24th July Twitter

New release deployed with a few small bug fixes & backend changes. Full details:… -CJ

Camdram 17:54 on 22nd July Twitter

We've just pushed a new release with some search improvements and a fix for deleting roles. There are also some major framework upgrades so let us know if you encounter any issues. Changelog:… -PH

Camdram 23:49 on 11th July Twitter

Starting from yesterday we've depreciated password logins in favour of external login providers. Please take the opportunity to link your account to your Raven, Google, Facebook and/or Twitter now. -CJ

Camdram 19:57 on 8th July Twitter

And...we're back online! The site should now be a little snappier thanks to the server upgrades this weekend. Plus we're now running the latest version of PHP which will make it easier for us to improve Camdram going forwards. Let us know if any problems! -PH

Camdram 19:07 on 8th July Twitter

We've just taken the site down to perform step 2 of our weekend server upgrades. ETR 21:00 if no issues. - PH

Camdram 16:27 on 8th July Twitter

Step 1/2 of the Camdram weekend upgrade has been completed. Let us know if you experience any issues. We will be hopefully be continuing with step 2 later this evening which will involve an hour or two of downtime. -CJ

Camdram 13:37 on 6th July Twitter

Camdram will be intermittently unavailable from today thru this weekend whilst we carry out some essential maintenance. Apologies for any inconvenience. -CJ

Camdram 17:16 on 4th July Twitter

Changes have been redeployed - you might notice some subtle changes in search ranking. As ever please get in touch if you experience any issues. -CJ

Camdram 16:50 on 4th July Twitter

We've decided to roll back the changes whilst we find a way to bypass caching that was causing issues with dropdown searches.

Camdram 16:41 on 4th July Twitter

We've just deployed a new release of Camdram which includes some cool new search features. If you experience problems you may need to flush your browser cache -CJ

Camdram 15:11 on 4th July Twitter

We'll be tweeting every now and again when we release new features onto the site for you to enjoy. Fancy getting involved yourself?

Camdram 15:09 on 4th July Twitter

Long time no tweet! We're trying to revamp our social media presence so if you have any comments on Camdram please tweet us, or email -CJ

Camdram 00:28 on 24th December Twitter

We pushed some new code today - term and week number info are now displayed below show performance dates

Camdram 12:10 on 22nd October Twitter

We're having a social! Come and meet the devs and admins in the @adctheatre bar from 8pm tomorrow evening (Friday 23/10).

Camdram 01:25 on 13th October Twitter

New release…. Some bugs fixed, and we've corrected the dates of Lent Term 2016!

Camdram 01:00 on 2nd June Twitter

New release:… Fixed vacancy link hashes. You can now contact shows, societies and venues through Camdram