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The Cambridge University European Theatre Group is a self-sufficient, entirely student-run theatrical company, which tours a Shakespeare play around Europe for two and a half weeks every December (and has been doing so for over 50 years now!). It is an ambitious coach-bound operation; a company of 25 or so tour with professional lighting and sound equipment, costumes and an experimental set, enabling us to put on a show absolutely anywhere.

Each year we typically visit twelve venues - ranging from professional theatres, to schools and universities, and even to churches and converted bread-ovens - and travel through five or six countries. In the past, we have performed in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, The Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary, before returning for a homerun in Cambridge the following January.

A typical day on tour doesn't exist! Every single performance is like an opening night as we usually only perform at any given venue for a day, meaning we constantly have to adapt the show, both technically and artistically, to best suit the space we are performing in. However as a rough idea, we leave the previous venue very early in the morning, arriving at the new venue around lunchtime. The entire company then unloads the coach and starts the "get-in", setting up the lighting, sound and set. Whilst the techies finish this, the cast prepare the show for this new stage. Sometimes we then put on a late matinee (and if not, we explore the town), before settling down to dinner followed by the evening show. Once the curtain comes down we rapidly "get-out", reload the coach, and by midnight, head off to stay with a host family!

Over time, ETG has developed a reputation at home and abroad for producing exciting, innovative, experimental and professional interpretations of classic texts, attracting the most ambitious actors, technicians and creative forces from within the university. We provide successive generations of company members and audiences with challenging experiences completely unimaginable elsewhere in British (let alone student) theatre. Have a look at The ETG Experience to get a better idea of what it means to be involved with such a unique and exciting group!

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European Theatre Group 17:53 on 2nd October Twitter


This December we will be touring Hamlet, visiting Utrecht, Antwerp, Leuven, Tuebingen, Konstanz, Bern and London

#cuetg #etg2022

European Theatre Group 16:31 on 20th December Twitter

With just a few hours to go until our London show, here are some shots from our performance in Amsterdam!

Head down to the Cockpit Theatre tonight to catch our first performance back in the UK until January!

European Theatre Group 11:48 on 19th December Twitter

Our tech team have smashed our last get-in in the lovely and historic town of Leuven, the last stop before we return to London this Friday for just one night only at The Cockpit Theatre!

Tickets at the link below!

European Theatre Group 13:18 on 17th December Twitter

A lovely weekend in beautiful Amsterdam came with a stay on a boat, as well as another performance under our belts!
Just three days until we're back in London, so don't forget to get your tickets

More info at the link below:

European Theatre Group 18:43 on 15th December Twitter

Here's a sneak peak at our show from our preview weekend in Cambridge!
We'll be back in the UK on Friday - grab your tickets now at the link below so you don't miss out on seeing our amazing show in the beautiful and intimate @cockpittheatre!

European Theatre Group 15:50 on 15th December Twitter

We got a glimpse of our first snow of tour, after our shows in Bern!

But tour never stops, and we're already on to Amsterdam this weekend! We're back in London at @cockpittheatre next Friday 20th - tickets at the link below!

European Theatre Group 17:27 on 13th December Twitter

We celebrated our first shows with some ice skating by the beautiful Lake Lucerne!

It's now just a week until our London show at
@cockpittheatre, tickets are going already so get them now at the link below to make sure you don't miss out!

European Theatre Group 17:14 on 12th December Twitter

After a quick stop off in Nancy to admire some Christmas decorations, our first show is now done and dusted!

There's now just over a week to go until our London show at @cockpittheatre, so head to the link below to grab tickets before they're gone!!

European Theatre Group 11:12 on 9th December Twitter

First day complete ✅
We took a quick stop off in Reims last night before moving onto our first venue, Sursee! 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

European Theatre Group 19:00 on 3rd December Twitter

With just five days to go until we set off on tour, check out our amazing poster by Bella Biddle!

If you just can’t wait until January to see us in Cambridge then you’re in luck, tickets are now on sale for our performance at @cockpittheatre on 20th Dec!

European Theatre Group 16:43 on 7th December Twitter

And the curtain falls on our 4th show of the tour at Institut le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland! We had so much fun working with the students here! 9 days before our London show at the @cockpittheatre get your tickets here: #Shakespeare #theatre #cambridge

European Theatre Group 11:18 on 7th December Twitter

Here are some sneak peaks from this year’s tour: Othello! These photos were taken by the wonderful APARC school from our first stop in Chantilly, France 🇫🇷 #europeantour #theatre #shakespeare #othello #cambridgeuniversity

European Theatre Group 23:03 on 12th January Twitter

🎭 Only three days until the opening night of our ADC homerun! 🎭

Get your tickets here:

Need more convincing? Have a look a some of the feedback we got from audience members on tour:

European Theatre Group 13:11 on 17th December Twitter

???? 90 minutes until our first London show! Tickets are still available on the door for both…

European Theatre Group 10:04 on 15th December Twitter

Having performed our last European show last night we are looking forward to retuning to the UK for our two shows at @cockpittheatre this Sunday!
Tickets still available here:…

European Theatre Group 09:03 on 11th December Twitter

Our London shows are less than a week away! Get your tickets now so you don't miss out…

European Theatre Group 19:01 on 26th November Twitter

It’s exactly one week until the cast and crew of ETG 2017 set off on tour across Europe! Catch us at our concluding shows in the Cockpit Theatre, London on Dec 17…

European Theatre Group 00:25 on 30th November Twitter

Tickets are available for our London shows on the 18th of December here:

European Theatre Group 00:23 on 30th November Twitter

4 days until Hamlet heads on tour - we're coming for you Europe!

European Theatre Group 12:24 on 15th November Twitter

@LoLetters Hi there, our performances in London will be at 2pm and 7pm - hope to see you there!

European Theatre Group 11:50 on 22nd October Twitter

Check out our website for the full itinerary of our 2016 tour of Hamlet!

European Theatre Group 17:24 on 13th March Twitter

We'll leave with this 'random' quote that sums up ETG: "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't!" Bye!

European Theatre Group 17:16 on 13th March Twitter

A final goodbye from the Twelfth Night Twitter team(@jackjrowan@jfwastell@gabbiebird) Good luck to next year's tour!

European Theatre Group 13:31 on 16th February Twitter

We're excited to say that applications are now open for 2016's Tour Manager & Business Manager!… Apply! @adctheatre

European Theatre Group 02:27 on 17th January Twitter

"Well that's all one, our play is done!"

European Theatre Group 18:54 on 16th January Twitter

Only 2 tickets left for the final show!


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