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FaCE (France and Cambridge Exchange) is a fledgling society designed to take plays on tour in France, to Lyon and Paris, and help French universities in these two cities put shows on in Cambridge. The concept arose after the success of the Roberto Zuccho and Richard III Tours in 2003 and 2004, and a desire to turn what had started off as a crazy idea into an established society.

Applications to take a production on tour are open to everyone, but the ideal show would be a classic (famous enough for a French audience to have heard of) with as small a cast as possible. The French Tour will take place over ten days at the end of the Easter Holidays - five days in Paris, five days in Lyon - and then return to Cambridge, to perform in week 0 of the Easter term. In this same week (or the following one), a French company will be invited over, and we can discover (or
rediscover) a classic of French theatre played in the original.

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