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Girton Amateur Dramatic Society, or GADS, produces high quality shows each term at both Girton and town locations. Both seasoned thespians and those with no previous experience are welcome to become involved in acting, directing, producing and the technical aspects of theatre.

Past productions include: "An Inspector Calls" (Lent 2011), "Pygmalion" (May Week 2011), "Girton: The Musical" (Lent 2012), "Les Justes" (Lent 2012), "If You Please" (Michaelmas 2012), "Dear Uncle Perceval" (Easter 2013), "The King of England's Daughter" (Lent 2013), "The Canterbury Tales" (Lent 2013), "Murdered to Death" (Michaelmas 2013), "A Doll's House (Lent 2014), "The Admirable Crichton" (May Week 2014), "UKIP: The Musical" (Lent 2015 and winner of a Tab Theatre Award for Best Musical), "The Lark" (Lent 2015), "As You Like It" (May Week 2016), "A Girton Tale" (Michaelmas 2016), "Freshers- A Musical" (Michaelmas 2018), "Pinocchio - A Girton Pantomine" (Michaelmas 2018), "Black Comedy" (Easter 2019), "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Easter 2019), "Love Labour's Lost" (Easter 2021), "GirTrapped!" (Michaelmas 2021), "Max in Top Boots" (Michaelmas 2021), "Twelth Night" (Easter 2022).

We are always open for funding applications. If you would like to be considered for funding from GADS then send an application to our co-Presidents. Please be sure to include the play title, any creative ideas you have for the performance, why you think the play should be put on, and an overview of budget, including rights. Please note that we tend not fund shows in the Corpus Playroom due to its ongoing access issues. We look forward to hearing from you!


If you have any questions or suggestions, or would like to become involved in GADS and its productions, please speak to the committee:

Zac Copeland-Greene -
Harry Goolnik -

Lauren Court -

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Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 21:03 on 28th November Twitter

The Only Buster-Approved Panto in Girton!

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:35 on 28th November Twitter

Final Reminder! Emily! A Girton Panto returns in 1 hour on the Old Hall Stage!

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 12:16 on 28th November Twitter

Today's the day! Emily! A Girton Panto returns for one night only at 9:30pm in Girton College's Old Hall!


Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 14:37 on 26th November Twitter

Just 3 Days until 'Emily! A Girton Panto' returns to the Old Hall Stage.

9:30pm, Tuesday 28th November, Girton College Old Hall. Free Entry!

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 19:38 on 6th October Twitter

Another GADS year has begun. Welcome back old faces, Hello new freshers! #GADSlove

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:49 on 9th March Twitter

Word from President- good to see so much love for GADS- drinks reception at beginning of Easter Term- thank you! #hustingsover

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:45 on 9th March Twitter

Heather as Lauma- aim to get access to bank accounts- better liaising between production and treasurer- committee experience

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:43 on 9th March Twitter

Jade- request from directors- need to look at benefits of cost/necessity- compromise necessary- find "an equal level"

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:42 on 9th March Twitter

Jade- wider role- involvement w/ CUSU- can go talk to people- see options- GADS = great community

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:39 on 9th March Twitter

Jade- "be the grinch" - capacity for this? As treasurer- "main focus to keep society running" - have to be assertive sometimes.

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:38 on 9th March Twitter

Jade- lost/inaccessible bank account- time-consuming- jade aware- can commit to time this takes- admin experience

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:37 on 9th March Twitter

Jade- amdram experience with GADS- GADS - "make it a better place"- "without funding" GADS not as amazing- continue to help improve funding

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:35 on 9th March Twitter

Jade- first year engineer- logical mind- efficient- work well with numbers - skills for treasurer role

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:34 on 9th March Twitter

Maddy- more social events like murder mystery would be good- GADS 'true traditions' - hatred- would try to keep civil

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:32 on 9th March Twitter

Maddy- devised plays/ plays written by Girtonites would be good to explored- new mediums - publicity= important

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:31 on 9th March Twitter

Maddy- social events = important for sense of community- family- orientated ideas of GADS

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:30 on 9th March Twitter

Maddy- GADS- "important that everyone can get involved"- wants a challenge - support new people to try new things- be reliable/committed

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:29 on 9th March Twitter

Joe- platforms of advertising- trailers = "kinda shabby"- production photos = good- "you're in the know"

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:27 on 9th March Twitter

Joe- CamDram - "it's like IMBD, but for Cambridge theatre"

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:25 on 9th March Twitter

Joe- such a CamDram whore- wants to keep traditions like GTM- focus on freshers week- more reviewers- "get the people talking"

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:23 on 9th March Twitter

Joe- "I like GADS' attitude to drama" - informal- good image "we don't take ourselves too seriously, but produce good quality plays"

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:22 on 9th March Twitter

Joe- Vice President speech- come to production- GADS- "doing Girton proud"- wants to help out- links with other colleges- more venues

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:20 on 9th March Twitter

Kat- comedy night - open for all- encouragement = good idea for May week/end of term

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:17 on 9th March Twitter

Kat- links to other colleges would be good, wider audience, help with props, ppl #lazy so need to be informed of GADS #connections

Girton Amateur Dramatics Society 20:15 on 9th March Twitter

Kat knows her facts- wants openness of GADS to continue, money was mentioned, organisation = "loveable flaw", RON would cause shambles


Past shows

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