GODS, Churchill Dramatic Players hold a Freshers show in the grounds of Churchill/Wolfson Hall each year, as well as several other drama events and funding applications from other societies/productions, including a termly comedy night, affectionately known as the Churchill Cigar which has been heard to rival footlight smokers both in quality of acts and in time keeping ability!

GODS has free access to Churchills Wolfson Auditorium, which holds up to 300 people. It includes a massive projector, lighting desk, surround sound, and one of the widest stages in Cambridge. Fact.

2018/19 Comittee

Presidents: Luke Baines & Holly Gimson
Churhill Cigar Presidents: Holly Gimson and Jimmy Shixin Yu

2017/18 Committee

President: Mimi Robson
Freshers' rep: Luke Baines

2013/14 Committee

President: Ted Hill
Jr. Treasurer: Anne Barrowman
Secretary: Colin Rothwell
Quartermaster: Nathan Smith
Publicity Officer: Colin Rothwell & Ted Hill

2012/13 Committee

President: Laura Gilbert
Jr. Treasurer: Ian Orton
Secretary: Emily Knowles
Quartermaster: Ben Ramsay
Publicity Officer: Adam Rudrum
Theatre Sizar: Colin Rothwell
Still Chief Whip: Danny Wood

2011/12 Committee

President: Colin Rothwell
Jr. Treasurer: Vivek Chidambaram
Secretary (& Chief Whip): Danny Wood
Publicity Officer: Neil Wilkins
General Members: Sundry Others.

2010/11 Committee

President: Michael Campbell
Secretary: Faye Cruicshank
Jr. Treasurer: Niamh Doyle
Tech Reps: Joe Munns and Dominic de'Ath
Props Rep: Marc Jones
Puplicity Rep: Hugh Grigg
Webmaster: Colin Rothwell
Actor's Rep: Danny Wood
General Members: Hannah Blakey, Oisin Kearney, Eoghan Hartigan, Rosie
Corner, Sophie Jones, Duncan Brannan, Fiona Beresford and Katie Rogers

2009/10 Committee

President: Sophie Jones

2008/9 Committee:

President: Cait Crosse
President: Hannah Adler

2007/8 Committee:

President: Juliet Shardlow
Vice-President: Paul Howie
Secretary: Gabriel Huntley
Treasurer: Sam Rabin
Publicist: Marc Samuels
Actors Reps: Laura Andrews, Abigail Baker
Technical Rep: Nicholas Swetenham
General Members: Roger Burton, Tara Crabbe, Celia Davies, Laura McGarty, Tom Rose
Senior Treasuer: Tim Cribb

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