GODS, Churchill Dramatic Players hold a Freshers show and a May week show in the grounds of churchill/Wolfson Hall each year, as well as several other drama events and funding applications from other societies/productions.

GODS also has free access to Churchills Wolfson Auditorium, which holds up to 300 people. It includes a massive projector, lighting desk, surround sound, and one of the widest stages in Cambridge. Fact.

2018/19 Comittee
President: Luke Baines
Freshers' Rep: Holly Gimson

Churhill Cigar presidents: Holly Gimson and Jimmy Shixin Yu

2017/18 Committee
President: Mimi Robson
Freshers' rep: Luke Baines

2013/14 Committee
President: Ted Hill
Jr. Treasurer: Anne Barrowman
Secretary: Colin Rothwell
Quartermaster: Nathan Smith
Publicity Officer: Colin Rothwell & Ted Hill

2012/13 Committee
President: Laura Gilbert
Jr. Treasurer: Ian Orton
Secretary: Emily Knowles
Quartermaster: Ben Ramsay
Publicity Officer: Adam Rudrum
Theatre Sizar: Colin Rothwell
Still Chief Whip: Danny Wood

2011/12 Committee
President: Colin Rothwell
Jr. Treasurer: Vivek Chidambaram
Secretary (& Chief Whip): Danny Wood
Publicity Officer: Neil Wilkins
General Members: Sundry Others.

2010/11 Committee
President: Michael Campbell
Secretary: Faye Cruicshank
Jr. Treasurer: Niamh Doyle
Tech Reps: Joe Munns and Dominic de'Ath
Props Rep: Marc Jones
Puplicity Rep: Hugh Grigg
Webmaster: Colin Rothwell
Actor's Rep: Danny Wood
General Members: Hannah Blakey, Oisin Kearney, Eoghan Hartigan, Rosie
Corner, Sophie Jones, Duncan Brannan, Fiona Beresford and Katie Rogers

2009/10 Committee
President: Sophie Jones

2008/9 Committee:
President: Cait Crosse
President: Hannah Adler

2007/8 Committee:
President: Juliet Shardlow
Vice-President: Paul Howie
Secretary: Gabriel Huntley
Treasurer: Sam Rabin
Publicist: Marc Samuels
Actors Reps: Laura Andrews, Abigail Baker
Technical Rep: Nicholas Swetenham
General Members: Roger Burton, Tara Crabbe, Celia Davies, Laura McGarty, Tom Rose
Senior Treasuer: Tim Cribb

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