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Current productions and events:
Stealing The Show: The Improvised Heist Comedy
Stealing The Show Presents - Monthly improv night with guest acts from all over the UK
The JSE Improv Drop In - Monthly drop in workshop for all abilities.

With more things on the way! If you'd like to know more, drop us a line at

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JSE Improv 19:06 on 19th November Twitter

Oh yea it's drop in day! Getchaselves some knowledge!!!
#improv #comedy #workshop #improvcomedy @ Thirsty Cambridge…

JSE Improv 12:39 on 16th October Twitter

More killer improv at the drop in last night! So wonderful to play with all these folks. Massive thanks to @tsumana for running his workshop on emotions. See you next month! @ Thirsty Cambridge…

JSE Improv 17:43 on 20th September Twitter

Look at all this improv! Come get a piece of this fun!…

JSE Improv 19:21 on 17th September Twitter


JSE Improv 23:10 on 20th August Twitter

Thanks everyone for coming to the drop in tonight! We had such a blast, see you next month 😊 @ Thirsty Cambridge…

JSE Improv 17:38 on 16th August Twitter

Hey y'all,

If you're looking for a space to do some improv, sharpen your skills and have a good ol' time then you should come along to the drop in this week! Free and open to all :)

See you there!…

JSE Improv 13:02 on 29th June Twitter

Yo #Cambridge!

Home town heroes @UnplannedM are putting on their latest #improv creation at @corpusplayroom next week. If you've seen any of their shows, you know Occupational Hazards is going to be great. If you haven't, now's your chance!…

JSE Improv 14:13 on 28th May Twitter

Aaaaaand breath!

This weekend has been a steep learning curve for what it takes to put on a @brightonfringe show. It's been knackering, but rewarding in a lot of ways. The whole team is ready for the next……

JSE Improv 15:07 on 24th May Twitter

Our boy @Hugh_what_where is struggling with the exposure of @brightonfringe. Lets hope it doesn't go to his head! @ Brighton…

JSE Improv 13:21 on 14th May Twitter

We're gutted to be missing @FringeCambridge, we'll be down at @brightonfringe with @ShowTheft! If you're in #cambridge then you should check out these folks and all the other great stuff that's on!…

JSE Improv 12:36 on 13th May Twitter

If you're into improv technique then you're summer is set! We'll be at the first of these on Tuesday, see you there!…

JSE Improv 13:24 on 7th May Twitter

The absolute joy in these photos! If you're at the @brightonfringe then you should grab tickets to see that joy first hand.…

JSE Improv 16:30 on 5th May Twitter

This lot killed it! An absolute masterclass and fantastic reps for #improv at the @machcomedyfest.

We want more improv next year!…

JSE Improv 18:49 on 4th May Twitter

We've sent our boy @Hugh_what_where to @machcomedyfest to get his giggles in. Looking forward to @dnayscomedy tomorrow! @ Machynlleth…

JSE Improv 21:20 on 30th April Twitter

Oh my goodness what a lovely bunch of people to meet at our first improv drop in! Thank you all so much! See you next time!

JSE Improv 16:49 on 30th April Twitter

Awwww yisssss that sweet, sweet community building!…

JSE Improv 08:22 on 24th April Twitter

Our co-founder @HodgesCat had a sit down with @improvlondon to talk about all the amazing stuff she gets up to!…

JSE Improv 14:31 on 23rd April Twitter

Been thinking of getting into improv? Been wondering where to start? Been kicking around the streets of #Cambridge howling at the moon, cursing the old gods?

Try a beginners course! @RedImprov are running one from May! Jump right in to all the fun we're having in improv town!


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