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The Mighty Players is a Cambridge-wide student drama society, based in Selwyn College. We fund shows in a variety of locations around Cambridge as well as staging a Pantomime, Freshers Show and May Week Shakespeare at Selwyn. We are keen to involve as many people as possible in every capacity, with an aim to help cultivate and create ambitious and exciting theatre!

Recent shows include:
Certain Young Men (Edinburgh Fringe, part-funded); The Jungle Book (Diamond, Selwyn); Macbeth (BME production); M. Butterfly (Corpus main); Love in a Maze (ADC late); Hamlet (Edinburgh Fringe, alongside CUSP); Antigone (Selwyn Chapel) and many more!

Upcoming shows include:
Murder in the Cathedral (Selwyn Chapel), Shot in the Dark (Corpus Playroom; part-funded)

"Quit ye, like Mighty Players"

For more information, please contact the Mighty Players President, Myles O'Gorman at

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