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The Penguin Club has been helping to stage amateur dramatic and musical productions in and around Cambridge since 1983.

We don't perform, but provide backstage and technical expertise in a wide variety of roles - from set construction and scenic painting, through lighting and sound design and operation, to props, stage management and crewing. All our members are amateur: no charges, other than individual expenses and a small running fee, are made to the societies we help.

We do not normally work with professional groups, and do not provide set, costume or prop hire.

More information can be found on our website at

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The Penguin Club 08:25 on 15th September Twitter

And here she is in all her glory. Thanks to everyone who helped get her there! 🚗🚗💥💥

The Penguin Club 15:22 on 13th September Twitter

She's safely on stage after a brief fly! Now to reassemble. 🚗🚗💥💥 @adctheatre @CamPiedPipers

The Penguin Club 14:31 on 13th September Twitter

And we're through the paint dock squeeze and into the scene pit! @CamPiedPipers @adctheatre

The Penguin Club 13:36 on 13th September Twitter

Today's simple task...move Chitty from van to stage via scene pit...@CamPiedPipers

The Penguin Club 08:25 on 3rd July Twitter

Join us tonight from 8pm at the ADC bar for our monthly gathering! Some of us will emerge from backstage after the end of tonight's performance so stay a bit longer to say hi!

As usual, look for the soft toy penguins 🐧

The Penguin Club 23:28 on 20th June Twitter

There'll be set painting at Lolworth this Saturday from 10am! If you don't know how to get there get in touch with the club and we'll pass on directions!

The Penguin Club 17:04 on 5th June Twitter

Join us for the monthly social tonight at 8PM at the ADC bar!

The Penguin Club 18:57 on 11th July Twitter

Five of the team on Anything Goes were New Penguins, without which the show would have floundered. What's stopping you from getting involved?

The Penguin Club 16:42 on 13th May Twitter

A big thanks to everone who has given even just a minute to the theatre in 2017. This is a team award! @NODAtweets

The Penguin Club 16:38 on 13th May Twitter

Winners in Best Technical district 4S!

The Penguin Club 16:16 on 13th May Twitter

Congrats to @camtheatreco for winning both Best Musical for Priscilla and Best Youth Production for Les Miserables :) @NODAtweets

The Penguin Club 15:47 on 13th May Twitter

Lunch is over...let the presentations begin.. @NODAtweets

The Penguin Club 11:55 on 13th May Twitter

Here we are at the Noda Gala awards ceremony...

The Penguin Club 10:31 on 2nd April Twitter

First Wednesday's here again at the Hopbine from 8pm. Come along and say Hi! (We're the ones with the toy penguins on the table!) 🐧🐧🐧

The Penguin Club 21:56 on 25th March Twitter

After a brief lull we're back in the @LeysGreatHall from noon tomorrow for @CamHandelOpera's Rodelinda. See you there!

The Penguin Club 11:12 on 20th January Twitter

It's #PenguinAwarenessDay so if you see one either in a theatre or a zoo (do they sometimes feel like the same thing?!) Do say hello ????:)

The Penguin Club 12:07 on 13th January Twitter

Come for some Company tonight as Bobby blows out his candles for the final time. From 10.15 at the ADC theatre. Should be a short one tonight but all hands will be useful :) ????????️????

The Penguin Club 18:23 on 5th January Twitter

Want to see some flats being used to represent some flats? Come to this week's get in (on SATURDAY!) at the @adctheatre for @CamFestPlayers production of "Company" to find out what on earth we're talking about! See you there :) ????????

The Penguin Club 22:23 on 2nd January Twitter

At a loose end tomorrow? Come help us set build for @CamFestPlayers production of "Company" at @adctheatre from 11.30 onwards. There's lots to do!

The Penguin Club 15:29 on 25th December Twitter

Happy Christmas Penguins everywhere ???? Enjoy the break and we'll see you for more theatre fun next year ????????️????

The Penguin Club 21:49 on 16th December Twitter

Come on! It's the last Get-in of the year tomorrow from 9am at the @LeysGreatHall for @camtheatreco. And there'll be a giant peach! See you there.????????????

The Penguin Club 16:41 on 13th December Twitter

Crack out those Christmas jumpers, as it's Christmas drinks tonight from 7.30. See you there!

The Penguin Club 21:09 on 9th December Twitter

Jane Austen's "Emma" is leaving the ADC tonight from 10:20pm. Come give her a hand to move out before the snow comes!????❄️


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