No Cash Left On The Premises OvernightBrickhouse Theatre Company
23:00, Wed 11th November 2020 - Sat 14th November 2020 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 5

The perfect heist needs the perfect team and we are looking for FIVE actors of ANY GENDER to bring this brand new musical to life! NOW WITH MORE AUDITION SLOTS

    Contact before 30th Sep 2020 23:59 for more details.

    We’re looking for five actors of any gender to play the following characters. As it’s a new show, the gender and vocal range of all roles are flexible, so it is more important to consider the compatibility between your own skills and style and the requirements of each of the roles:
    -Charli(e) is the leader of our little trio of cons, somewhere between a parent and a motivational speaker for the gang. Charli is funny, but is most often the straight-faced counterpart to Bobbi’s inanity. Not quite a genius, but smart enough to sense that a life of crime can’t last forever. Charli is the most singing-heavy role, with the lead in three out of the ten songs, and five more songs shared equally with Terri and Bobbi. In ‘Fast Track’, which is in a way Charli’s ‘character song’, there is a fair bit of rapping. Charli’s spoken dialogue doesn’t have too many jokes, but Charli ends up singing most of the intricate pun-laiden lyrics that Joe Venable is famous for.
    -Bobbi / Bobby is fool, stooge, clown and jester all in one. There is no heist that can’t be endangered and no project that can’t be jeopardised through the special blend of incompetence and forgetfulness Bobbi brings to the table. Bobbi is the most comedy-heavy role, with lots of jokes in the dialogue and plenty of physical humour, too. Bobbi also has a fairly large singing part - two duets with Mel (‘Insecurity’ and ‘Free Me’) and significant parts in nearly all other songs. This means that Bobbi basically doesn’t get a break off-stage.

    • Terri / Terry is perhaps the most enigmatic of the trio. 20-something, quieter and more reserved, Terri’s main character trait is anxiety - not particularly useful when pursuing a life of high-stakes crime. Depending on the final version of the script, Terri will have a lead part in ‘How The World Goes Round’ and/or a more ballad-y solo (‘Feet on the Ground’) as well as a significant part in most other songs. Terri is possibly the most sensible out of the characters, whereby I mean Terri says funny things with a straight face. Of course, there are still plenty of opportunities to indulge in some more exaggerated humour as all actors will be multi-roling the applicants in ‘Perfect Team’.
    • Mel is a security guard working at the Crown Jewels, 20-something, who falls in love with Bobbi and helps our three crooks to make off with the royal diamonds. Mel has a tender and compassionate heart, but also a sterner shell that refuses to be bossed around. Mel also serves as Chorus on some ensemble numbers.
      Mel’s part is less vocalling demanding: two duets with Bobbi (‘Insecurity’ and ‘Free Me’) and chorus parts in two other songs. Mel appears in many of the scenes, however, and shares plenty of comic dialogue with the three thieves. There is also the chance to multirole some of the Ensemble characters and bring them to life with more exaggerated humour.
    • Keith/Ensemble is perhaps one of the most thrillingly complex and demanding roles in the history of musical theatre. Keith himself is the fairly boring boss of Mel at the Crown Jewels. But he also plays nearly every other Ensemble character, and during the song ‘Perfect Team’ he plays several such characters in a single, frenetic, madcap quick-change number. Also serves as chorus on some big group numbers, although a good sense of humour is way more important than being pitch-perfect here!

    Take a look at our audition doc for more information and extracts!

    To audition, please email our producer Millie ( with:
    Your name and pronouns
    Your singing video
    The role(s) you’re interested in
    Your vocal range (if known)
    Your availability in weeks 0-5 (Oct 4th - Nov 14th)
    and sign up for a doodle slot here (be mindful of the timezone setting if you’re abroad) by 23:59 BST Wednesday Sep 30th. In the meantime, feel free to send any questions to the director Louise (

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