poor folk is looking for a film team!

poor folkADC Online
19:45, Mon 30th November 2020 at ADC Online
Michaelmas Week 8

This bold reimagining of Dostoevsky's first novel is looking for a team of bold and creative folx with phones to help create a non-narrative film!

    Contact before 23rd Oct 2020 23:59 for more details.

    poor folk (CUADC Online, week 8) is looking for a team of budding amateur filmmakers to collaborate on a non-narrative film to accompany the audio play. The filming would entail using phones to film scenes from your day-to-day life, according to some constrictions to be discussed at the beginning of the filming process (think Dogme 95). These varied scenes of day-to-day life will be cut together to create a non-narrative tone poem, highlighting the motifs and moods of the audio play, while also presenting a composite portrait of day-to-day life.

    More information about the project to be found in the document at this link:

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