poor folk is looking for an AD and producers!

poor folkADC Online
19:45, Mon 30th November 2020 at ADC Online
Michaelmas Week 8

This bold reimagining of Dostoevsky's first novel is looking for an assistant director and producers to help realise this immense multimedia project to its fullest potential!

    Contact before 23rd Oct 2020 23:59 for more details.

    poor folk (CUADC Online, week 8) is looking for a production team to help realise this daring multimedia reimagining of Dostoevsky's first novel!

    The assistant director will work closely with the director to shape the aesthetic of the production, working across the voice actors, film team and editors/designers. It is a very creative role which will be particularly important in helping to devise the filmed aspect of the project.

    The two producers will both help with the production in different ways. The primary producer will be the one principally responsible for organising deadlines for the various parts of the project, and making sure that the various arms of the project are communicating as they should. The assistant producer doubles as the publicist, and will be more responsible for presenting the play to the outside world (through media, social media, etc.). The assistant producer will also be working closely with the publicity designer to design and promote posters, banners and profile picture frames.

    More information about the project to be found in the document at this link:

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