Space Mystery: A Mystery in Space is looking for a PROD TEAM!

Space Mystery: A Mystery in SpaceQueens' College Amateur Dramatics Society
23:00, Thu 26th November 2020 - Sat 28th November 2020 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 7

Space Force Detective John Woods and his trusty sidekick, Robotrix, are going about their everyday space lives when a daring crime thrusts them into the heart of the case. A deadpan, meta-murder-mystery adventure through the bowels of a luxury space cruiser, it's a mystery... in space! This Airplane-esque comedy adventure (in space) is looking for a top-of-the-range production team to bring itself to life in time for Week 7! With the use of deadpan humour and visual comedy, we’re going to have a heavy reliance on all of the prod team to help deliver a quality show; whether this is quick readiness with props for a visual gag, lighting for a laser-fight, sound design to add just the right ‘thwack’ to the punch, or witty camera movements to emphasise a joke, all of the tech team will have a significant role in making this show a fun and exciting break from reality for both the audience and the team.

    Contact,, before 25th Oct 2020 00:00 for more details.

    Specifically, we're looking for a...

    Lighting Designer
    Camera Operator(s)
    Sound Designer
    Stage Manager
    Assistant Stage Manager
    Prop and Costume Designer

    Please read over the Google Doc for descriptions in full and fill in the linked Google Form to apply!

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