Clare Actors: Committee Applications

Like a loping Frankenstein's monster, theatre will eventually rise from the dead. Can you also help Clare Actors rise from the languor of inactivity that has befallen this once great (?) society? Clare Actors needs YOU! (But only if you're a student at Clare ... sorry!) Applications are now open for President and Treasurer of *the* most important drama society in Cambridge (they just don't know it yet)

    Contact and before 2nd Dec 2020 00:00 for more details.

    We have been 'Biden-ing' our time, and are looking for a new President (or joint President - hey, if you've got friends, use 'em!) and Treasurer for Clare Actors. Details for applications are below, but in short we want really enthusiastic people who will able to take Clare Actors and do something new with it. There is an established Shakespeare May Week Garden Play in Clare Fellows' Gardens that the society runs every year (2020 excluding), but we're looking for passionate people to do something new with the society.

    President Applications
    What your role entails:

    • Specifically you will be organising the May Week Garden Play and liaising with college to make that happen. Choosing directors and producers to get the ball rolling. The play has to be pitched to the College Council every year, so that will be an important part of your role.
    • Choosing shows for funding - students from Clare can apply to the society for funding, and you can help sort all that out. In fact, anyone can apply for funding, the beauty of it is you're in charge, so you do you.
    • Whatever you want to do! You have free reign to try and make this a great drama society, and not just a meagre funding body.

    What you should include in your application:

    • Any experience you have, both in theatre at large in Cambridge, and in any leadership roles (none necessarily required).
    • Why you want to be involved in Clare Actors, and what you think you can bring to the society.
    • How you think we can diversify and make theatre at Clare an interesting and exciting prospect for everyone? Freshers shows, workshops, shows in the bar, in the chapel etc.

    Treasurer Applications
    What your role entails:

    • You're in charge of the money! We need to know what's going on with all that, whether we can afford to fund shows, how much we need to make back, and just basically keeping a check on things.

    What you should include in your application:

    • Any prior experience with regards to finance and accounts.
    • Why you want to be involved in Clare Actors, and what you think you can bring to the society.

    Email both Will (he/him) and Beth (she/her) before midnight on Saturday 27th November.

    N.B. Applications are only open for students at Clare College (sorry) x

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