Cicada's Children is looking for a Prod team

Cicada's Children
21:30, Tue 30th November 2021 - Sat 4th December 2021 at Corpus Playroom
Michaelmas Week 8

Stage Manager , Technical Director , Lighting Designer , Sound Designer , Costume Designer , Publicity Manager , Poster Designer, Welfare Rep

    Contact before 31st Jul 2021 01:00 for more details.

    Cicada's Children (Week 8 Corpus Lateshow) is looking for a Prod team!!


    Apply now to be a part of an extremely conventional love story written by the awesome Anna Freeman. This is going to be an exciting small-scale production, so check out the application pack whether you’re a seasoned veteran or if you’re completely new to Cambridge Theatre!

    Application pack:

    Plain text pack:

    Deadline is 31st July, but if you need an extension our emails are in the pack:)

    Really looking forward to receiving your applications!

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