Dragtime! Presents: Hot Girl Midsommar (Michaelmas Week 3)

Dragtime! Presents: Hot Girl Midsommar
23:00, Wed 27th October 2021 - Sat 30th October 2021 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 3

Dragtime! is back!! We are making a triumphant return to Cambridge with our thIRd Halloween themed show (and our tenth (!!) ADC show in total!) and we want you to get involved - if you have an idea for a spOoky drag act please do get in touch!

    Contact Griffin Twemlow at before 3rd Oct 2021 23:00 for more details.

    Following the success of Dragtime! Presents: #squadghouls and Dragtime! Presents: Things That Go Bump N' Grind In The Night, Cambridge's premiere drag troupe is back again with yet another hour of cabaret fun and this time it's even spookier :O :O :O We are making a triumphant return to the ADC with our third Halloween themed show and we want you to get involved!!

    We welcome all kinds of drag performers, no matter what your particular talent is (singing? lip sync? dance? spoken word? burlesque? aerial? live music? pole dance? improv? poetry? sketch comedy? something so new and cutting edge that we haven't even thought about it yet but which would be absolutely great as a drag act?? we want it all!!) or whether you have any experience. People of colour, people who are trans and/or nonbinary and drag kings are particularly encouraged to get involved, but whoever you are we'd love to have you!

    If you've got an idea for a spoOKy act and you'd like to perform in the upcoming show or if you have questions/want to know more please get in touch ASAP, either on FB (Griffin Twemlow or the main Dragtime! page) or by emailing - the show is Michaelmas Week 3 so ideally we'd like to confirm at least some of our performers prior to term starting xx

    Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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