Cicada's Children is looking for a Prod team

Cicada's Children
21:30, Tue 30th November 2021 - Sat 4th December 2021 at Corpus Playroom
Michaelmas Week 8

Calling everyone, especially those new to theatre! Looking for Stage Manager , Technical Director , Lighting Designer , Sound Designer , Publicity Manager .

    Contact before 22nd Oct 2021 23:59 for more details.

    That's right we're still looking for people to join our team for this very exciting new Corpus Late show in Week 8 (when all the work is over right and you can have fun right?) We want to particularly encourage freshers or people new to being backstage to apply! So go on, check out the pack, you know you want to.
    It's meet-cute, with a twist. (Or if you're just going to come to watch the show, there's no twist, it's all perfectly fine...)
    Roles available:
    Stage Manager 
    Technical Director 
    Lighting Designer 
    Sound Designer 
    Publicity Manager 
    Deadline is 23:59 Wednesday 20th October

    Plain text pack:

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