Splinters Prod Team

SplintersBrickhouse Theatre Company
19:30, Wed 23rd February 2022 - Sat 26th February 2022 at Robinson College Auditorium
Lent Week 5
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bullying, discrimination, abusive caregiving relationship, death

Applications to Produce, Assistant Produce, Assistant Direct, Musical Direct and Assistant Musical Direct the week 5 Brickhouse show 'Splinters' are open!

    Contact before 8th Dec 2021 23:59 for more details.

    Application deadline 23:59 Weds 8th Dec please email if you have an issues, questions or concerns

    Splinters is an original fantasy musical inspired by the tabletop roleplaying game dungeons & dragons, brought to you by the writer of the 4.5 ⭐️ lockdown musical 'paused.'! It explores themes of trusting yourself, feeling isolated, belonging, and found family, so I am particularly encouraging anyone who feels like they can relate to these themes (especially in the context of Cam Theatre) to apply!
    This is a very ambitious project (we are bringing literal magic and spellcasting to the Robinson stage) and so I would love to have a reasonably large prod team to make sure everyone feels supported. This also means there are assistant roles available for people who would like to get involved to a lesser extent, especially if you are new to the theatre scene and would like to test the waters! Freshers are v much encouraged to apply:)
    I am so excited to bring what started off as a homebrew d&d one shot to life, and would love for you all to join me! The magical forest awaits...

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