In Our Veins
19:45, Tue 18th – Sat 22nd October 2022 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 2

In Our Veins is looking for actors! This is a complicated, messy and extremely beautiful play about the hidden history of Dublin city. *IRISH ACCENT NOT NECESSARY*

  • Thu 16th Jun, 12:30–15:30, Larkum Studio
  • Fri 17th Jun, 12:30–15:30, Larkum Studio
  • Mon 20th Jun, 15:00, Larkum Studio

CW for the Play: Death, depiction of abuse (physical, mental, verbal, sexual), pregnancy and/or childbirth, brief depiction of assault

"The worst slums in Europe. That's where Dublin came from. Out of the shit and into the world."

Life long Dublin docker Patrick has passed away surrounded by his beloved wife Esther, his son and grandchildren. As they remember his life, Esther recounts a tale they are yet to hear. In Our Veins follows their family through 100 years of Dublin, from the notorious madams of the Monto to love in the dark tenements. This is the story of a Dublin City that no longer exists, where it came from and the people that helped build it.


Multi-rolling is a key aspect of this play; no one character is set in stone and variation is demanded within each role. The play is set in Dublin and we would love to experiment with accents. If you feel comfortable attempting an Irish accent, please go for it! However, this is by no means essential, and we will be considering multiple factors in our casting. If you audition with an Irish accent, we would also like to hear you read the extract in your natural voice. (Ignore all of this if you already have an Irish accent!)

Auditions will be held IN PERSON in the LARKUM STUDIO on Thursday 16th June, Friday 17th June and Monday 20th June. Please use this link to book in a slot:

Alternatively, email a self-tape to Orla Hogan (Director) at by 11PM on MONDAY 20TH JUNE. Please do get in touch if you have any access issues so that we can adjust accordingly.

Contact Orla Hogan before 26th Jun 2022 01:00 for more details.

  • Sun 12 Jun
  • Mon 13 Jun
  • Tue 14 Jun
  • Wed 15 Jun
  • Thu 16 Jun
  • Fri 17 Jun
  • Sat 18 Jun
In Our Veins AUDITIONS! Larkum Studio
In Our Veins AUDITIONS! Larkum Studio
  • Sun 19 Jun
  • Mon 20 Jun
  • Tue 21 Jun
  • Wed 22 Jun
  • Thu 23 Jun
  • Fri 24 Jun
  • Sat 25 Jun
In Our Veins AUDITIONS! Larkum Studio

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