Tour/Business Manager for ETG Dec 2022

19:15, Mon 12th – Fri 23rd December 2022 Venue to be confirmed
Christmas Vacation

    We are looking for two competent and enthusiastic individuals to take over the society and plan next year’s European Theatre Group tour. We are looking for a TOUR MANAGER (who will also become the Chairperson of the Society) and a BUSINESS MANAGER (who will also become the Junior Treasurer). These two persons split the main responsibilities for organising and running the tour. Much of the work is collaborative. You can apply for each of the roles as an individual, or as a pair. Previous theatre experience is not necessary but may strengthen your application. The Tour Manager is responsible for tour logistics, itinerary, and transport, and the Business Manager focuses on finance, currency, and contracts.

    Please see this google doc for more details:

    Contact before 30th Jun 2022 01:00 for more details.

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