CHOREOGRAPHER for 'Peer Gynt: a jazz revival' Fringe!

Peer Gynt: a Jazz Revival @ Edinburgh Fringe
23:00, Tue 1st – Thu 31st August 2023 at TBC
Summer Vacation
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Depiction of loss of a loved one
Mention of kidnapping
Description of harm to animals (i.e., hunting)

We are looking for a choreographer  to join the team of 'Peer Gynt: a jazz revival'. This run will be taking place during August as we will be taking the production to Fringe, so we would love an enthusiastic, intuitive and collaborative member to jump on board and work with our fab team of actors to help make this run even better than before.

    If you’re interested in being the choreographer  for 'Peer Gynt: a jazz revival' a new show at the Edinburgh Fringe, please email (Tom Shortland) and (William Want) by 11:59pm 6 Apr 2023 with answers to the following questions:

    Name, college, preferred pronouns (if you feel comfortable sharing)

    Write something explaining why you are a good fit for the role. You may wish to:

    • talk about previous relevant experience and what you gained from it
    • show us examples of your work
    • tell us any creative ideas you already have for the show

    What is your availability to have a brief chat over the next couple of weeks?

    More info can be found here:

    plain text version:

    Contact and before 6th Apr 2023 23:59 for more details.

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