'the herb garden' is looking for a wider prod team!

The Herb Garden
19:00, Tue 16th – Sat 20th May 2023 at Corpus Playroom
Easter Week 3
Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
abuse (physical/emotional)
mention of sexual assault
mention of self-harm
mental illness
transphobia (brief)
drugs/alcohol/substance abuse

'the herb garden' is seeking a wide range of production roles for this wacky, often emotional musical taking place on Tues 16th-Sat 20th May (Week 3) as a Corpus Mainshow! Roles looking to be filled: musical director , technical director , sound designer , lighting designer , costume designer , set designer , assistant producer , stage manager , assistant musical director , publicity officer, photographer .

    Full details and questions to answer can be found in the wider prod team pack:

    about the show:

    the herb garden is an original musical by felix elliott, which he was fortunate enough to workshop this term in the adc bar. We are over the moon to reveal that it has been #upgraded to a corpus mainshow, week 3 of easter term (16-20 may)!!!
    Kate and Jack (our wonderful directors) Felix (our writer and general mastermind) and myself (Hannah - the producer  - she/her!) are looking for a wider prod team to kick things off - experience would be great but is definitely not a requirement :)


    ‘we choose who we invite / through the front door of our life ’

    Sky, a precocious but quiet teenager, gets caught smoking a zoot and is sentenced to live with their teacher, Miss Court. Between Miss Court’s caution to maintain boundaries and Sky’s disinterest in interacting at all, neither of them is expecting the other to be anything except a housemate. But a badly-timed Covid-19 infection forces the two to spend 10 days with no social options except one another.
    What emerges from the ashes of this explosion of misfortune could either be a beautiful gift, or a disaster…
    An original musical about friendship, trust, identity and weed.

    ‘snappy’ - Yaz O’Mahoney
    ‘so real and relevant and original’ - Holly Sewell
    ‘the music is so movingly wacky’ - Tungsten Tang
    ‘the herb garden is one of the best musicals i’ve ever seen’ - Rishi Sharma

    feel free to email ( our writer if you would like to see the script/scores/demos etc.!

    content notes:

    mention of abuse (emotional, brief physical)
    mention of self-harm
    mental illness
    transphobia (brief)
    drugs/alcohol/substance abuse

    apply!!! (pls)

    we especially encourage applications from people who identify as BME, genderqueer, queer, or any combo of the above (due to the content of the show). having said this, these are not prescriptive criteria & once again we welcome all & any applications!

    please send all applications to hannah (she/her) via email: with the subject the herb garden [role] application (or something similar & obvious) by 17:00, friday 31st march. we are more than happy to extend if you need, just drop one of us a line! please include the following in your application:

    • your name (& pronouns if you’re comfortable including them)
    • your crsid
    • answers to the questions applicable to your role (in prod pack)
    • any other information you’d like me to know (optional)

    Contact Hannah (she/her - Producer) for more info. before 15th Apr 2023 01:00 for more details.

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