Audition Pack For ACTORS For Short Student Horror Film - "SNUFF"

SNUFF (Student film)
17:00, Wed 24th May – Fri 9th June 2023 at Student Film (Date range is set for sending in auditions, but honestly it’s all flexible for the time being - filming expected to be in the last weeks of term)
Easter Week 4 to Week 6
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Sexual harassment and misogynistic violence with sexual undertones.

STUDENT FILM about a student actor slowly coming to the unpleasant realisation that she’s been cast as the lead in an (intended) snuff film. Looking for 3 main actors (2 female + 1 male), 3 (male) extras, and also a sound operator, but if anyone else would be interested then please feel free to get in touch.

    About a student actor slowly coming to the unpleasant realisation that she’s been cast as the lead in an (intended) snuff film. But really about gazes/perspective and narrative control, gendered power dynamics and violation, and "authenticity" in making films (but hopefully in, like, a fun and not-pretentious way). Should also be engagingly stylised, and funny enough – for the most part. For the other part should be unsettling in the way that only grainy old found-footage can be.

    I just hope to find a small set of actors who are keen on the concept and the sound of the script, and would be excited to bring it to life.
    Estimated 20-30 minutes in length, and will be shot entirely in Cambridge, likely on a few evenings over a period of 1-2 weeks, on a flexible schedule (depending on actors’ availabilities) - but ideally before the end of this current term.

    Please also find in tandem script samples (most of the dialogue-heavy sections - which is actually almost the entire script) for any audition tapes. Content warning for sexual harassment, and generally dark themes.

    (hopefully this works)

    LINK FOR FULL SCRIPT (maybe subject to minor revisions and certainly open to feedback):!AnbBWy-6auSX9QK-nAlM9UhPS9tQ

    Amber: female student. Late teens to 20s. Lead (only) actor of the film-within-the-film. Unimpressed with the pretentiousness of it all but too polite to say that to the director's face (or just averse to making things more awkward than they need to be, since she's stuck sharing a house with him). Slyly sarcastic. Over it. Does not need to channel Shelly Duvall. Does need to channel the horror of existing as a woman within a patriarchal society.

    Hugo: male student, in a similar age-range to Amber. Director of the film-within-the-film. Posh white guy. Eccentric "auteur". Genuinely thinks he’s brilliant. Hammy and completely lacking in self-awareness that should make him entertaining to watch. Entitled and profoundly un-introspective – because he’s never needed to be. Patronising towards women, and isn’t even aware of how chauvinistic he is. But charismatic enough to come across as fairly non-threatening… for the most part. Might be a fairly challenging part to play with the nuance and vulnerability that should make him feel real and human (instead of a cartoonish villain), but largely good fun.

    Sorcha: female student. Amber’s girlfriend. A smaller part, and "out of the country" for most of the story, but with a stronger personality and a couple of mildly intense monologues. Not quite as concerned with “courtesy” as Amber. Fairly tough and no-nonsense.

    (Effectively an extra) Oscar: male student, and Hugo’s friend. Has a couple of lines and it’s just sexual harassment. It’s fairly important that he’s Italian (not because I’m trying to slander Italians - it just has some plot-relevance).

    Extras: 2 additional male extras required (of any age past adulthood – including older). One willing to dot a bit of fake blood on their face and stage a few pictures.

    Currently flexible with the cast’s (particularly the two leads, who will occupy the bulk of the screen-time) schedules/availabilities – should be complete in around 5/6 filming sessions (though of course depends on the length of filming sessions - and any given scene involves a maximum of 2 actors (+ an extra), which should make things easier), generally in the afternoon/evenings, most likely in the weeks following exams.

    If time and schedules permit, please send a self-tape reading from any section of the attached script excerpts (of whichever portion(s) you like - for five minutes or so) within the next few weeks, ideally for 8th June.
    OR if time does not permit, just send me an email to register your interest at this stage (alongside relevant experience, if any (not required)).

    If you’d like to get involved in any other way, please feel free to get in touch!

    Please contact me at with your audition/expression of interest, or any questions!

    Contact before 19th Jun 2023 01:00 for more details.

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