Underscore is looking for a WIDER PROD TEAM!

UnderscoreBread Theatre & Film
23:00, Thu 13th June 2024 at ADC Theatre
Easter Week 7

Looking for a Stage manager  and Lighting Designer  for our one-night only dance performance at the ADC.


    Underscore is a dance and music production which exposes fear, explores ways of unveiling hidden, internal feelings, and presents vulnerability on stage. Perhaps more significantly, Underscore is about a group of people coming together and creating a piece through a process of collaboration and exploration. The aim of the show is not to necessarily convey narrative or characters, but rather to construct a mood and tone.

    We are looking to fill the Stage Manager  and Lighting Designer  roles for our show on the 13th June.

    Find more info here:

    Contact before 31st May 2024 23:59 for more details.

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