Comedy Photoshop/Video Creator summer prod roles open for "It's News To Him"

It's News To Him
21:30, Wed 30th October – Sat 2nd November 2024 at Corpus Playroom
Michaelmas Week 3

Do you fancy making funny photoshops and/or videos for possibly the most over-produced Corpus Lateshow in recent memory (we accept corrections on this, pending evidence)? You don't need to be massively technical, just fancy making some parody media over this summer with our team to fill the Corpus Newsroom in Week 3 Michaelmas!

    What is a "Comedy Photoshop Creator"/Visuals Director, I hear you ask? How come Camdram rudely won't highlight either correctly?

    This show is going to have a bunch of photoshops (mock Taylor Swift album covers) and videos (live interviews, parody ads), and we're looking for someone to lead on production of these bits over summer, managing some fairly low-effort remote filming and editing. We're looking for someone with some (very basic) experience with some sort of video editing, and who is excited by using photoshops and video for intense and notable comedic achievement. You do not need to be a master at either of these, as technically speaking nothing will be complicated (and we have some technical talent on the team already), but we just want you to be enthusiastic for making funny visuals!

    This will be a very creative role, with a direct say in using media and tech for extra jokes and comedic value.

    This role will also be mostly over the summer, with a little bit of interview filming at the start of next term. If you'd rather just focus on video or photoshop, let us know - we definitely still want you on board and are looking for more than one person to work on video and photoshop.

    Full application pack (for Visuals Director - we can work in roles for anyone who'd like to be involved with that team):

    Contact or message me +447754061908 to talk about applying for these roles before 24th Jun 2024 01:00 for more details.

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