The Two Gentlemen of Verona is looking for a Speed + Ensemble of Outlaws!

The Two Gentlemen of VeronaClare Actors
14:00, Wed 19th – Fri 21st June 2024 at Sunken Gardens, Clare College
Easter May Week
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Mentions of death

Do you like mischief, mayhem, murder, tomfoolery, crime and just a hint of sporks? Do you yearn to be an unspeaking, vaguely threatening, outdoorsy DOE-kid gone wild? Has evil corrupted your heart and you long to spend your post-examinations days as an extra in Clare’s May Week Play? Well…you’re in fantastic luck?

    Clare’s may play ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ is looking for its final cast members! We are looking for an actor to play the character of Speed, and a small horde of ensemble actors to play our Outlaws!

    Contact director Nadia (nl418) to snag a role before Friday 14th, 17:00. More information on the roles and production in the doc below!

    Contact Nadia (nl418) before 28th Jun 2024 17:00 for more details.

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